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Another Lost Weekend…

Another slow weekend out on the road enjoying the fine hometown ambiance of Rochelle, IL . My truck was “bleeding” coolant, a very apt metaphor because the coolant is red and gets all crusty when it dries. Because the need to head immediately to the shop, and not knowing the seriousness of the repair, the loads stacked on me were given to others and I had to settle for what’s left. But the previous week was a busy one, so it’s no great loss and the repair turned out to be minor. Not that you would have known it from the “carnage” under the hood.

So, now I’m sitting, waiting to pickup a load that doesn’t deliver till Monday morning. I got the IntarWebToobs to keep me occupied, and I could always nap. Unless you folks want to keep me busy by pestering me with phone calls and Facebook updates (hint, hint), I would stay awake for that. Winking smile