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Truckers! Online DAC Report Request Now!

Truckers, its very important to know what’s in your DAC report. The information contained in it, right or WRONG, could affect your future hireability as a truck driver. From Allen Smith of AskTheTrucker.com:

The DAC Report Services, now known as HireRight, now allows truck drivers to file a dispute online, concerning the placement of false information on their DAC.   Drivers can also request a copy of their DAC Report online.   HireRight DAC Trucking Solutions still operates in the same manner as the former DAC Reporting Services . . . different headquarters . . . same people . . . different name.    Here’s the update information you need:

The link to inquire, the link to dispute. All truckers need to check this out!

UPDATE: 12/29/2009: Received my DAC, lots of information and thankfully, all of it seems correct.