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Unsolicited Advice #1

“Better yet!  Build a 10 foot high tank trap monstrosity in the shape of your corporate logo!  Pay some starving bearded hipster artist to make it from barbed wire and pointed re-bar!  And then let it rust!  Give them the idea that they might contract aerosolized tetanus just by cutting too close!  That will surely keep them surly drivers from cutting unsightly ruts in the corner of your property! Except for those Swift drivers, but you shouldn’t allow them in here anyways.  People store food here, for criminy’s sake!”

– Unsolicited advice given to the gate guard at a cold storage warehouse I frequent a lot.  Seems that tired and stupid truck drivers are always tearing up the corner as they leave their lot.  I saw a poor sod trying to scrape the dirt from the road and reposition the granite boulder that some moron had run over with their trailer tires.  Unfortunately, my advice will probably not be heeded.

Too bad. It’s so rarely that I have a really good idea.

Weekly Tweets for 2009-06-21

  • Still at home, waiting for freight. If I have to be anywhere doing nothing, I night as well be doing nothing at home! #
  • Thinking of getting an new FauxPod. Requirements: Plays Audible audiobooks, 4+ Gb storage, color screen. Evil Empire (Apple) need not apply. #
  • Back on the road. Almost got washed out tying down cargo in a thunderstorm. Kept an eye peeled for flying farmhouses. Real tornado weather. #
  • RT @gypsyhooker: “YTF would anyone drive one of these death traps???? http://twitpic.com/7kz7i" A Smart Car for Stupid People ™. in reply to gypsyhooker #
  • @Skezzie I’ll just have to stick with my fauxPod, my fauxPhone and my fauxMac… ;P At least till the contract is up on my BlackJack2. in reply to Skezzie #
  • The Wife found the obituary for the man I saw have a heart attack in the Walmart parking lot, very sad… #
  • RT @Heydriver: “Arrgh! Me spots a Fail Whale upon the vast horizon. Feels like a glitch in the force Luke!” Argh! And you’re mixing genres! in reply to Heydriver #
  • RT @JimNorton: “Ft Lauderdale, one show tonight. My balls are stuck to my forehead.” Coach seats 2 small? Fancyman didn’t fly 1st class? ;) in reply to JimNorton #
  • @Korv_N Old, crusty followers say hi, too! ;) in reply to Korv_N #
  • @Korv_N Sorry, never did… I guess I’m stuck in my musical ways. ;) in reply to Korv_N #
  • Watched Gran Torino on DVD last night. excellent flick. Now, what to watch (or rewatch) tonight… Hmm… #
  • .@HeavenLeigh123: “@Greeblie I’m rewatching Season 2 of Drake & Josh…” I’m so out of touch I don’t even know what that is… ;) in reply to HeavenLeigh123 #
  • .@gypsyhooker: “Death Proof?? Loved that movie.” Excellent choice! Maybe I’ll hit that and Planet Terror, make it a double feature! in reply to gypsyhooker #
  • .@Skezzie ugh… Never seen a Segal movie I could get past the 15 minute mark. how he and Chuck Norris have careers, I’ll never know… in reply to Skezzie #
  • Soon picking up an O/D load in IL. But must find a Streakin Beacon, my truck has a severe case of the creeping cruds it picked up in Gary. #
  • .@slackadjusterr Of course it will rain, I just washed my truck! in reply to slackadjusterr #
  • @edouglas528 How bout putting up an avatar? The default one sorta looks like you… ;) in reply to edouglas528 #
  • Loose fly in the cab of my truck, despite all attempts at murder. Sucker’s been here all day. Where’s Obama when I need him? #notmyflykiller #
  • .@TerenceSmelser Thanks for the RT, good buddy! ;) Stupid fly is distracting me from my Tweeting and driv [NO SIGNAL] in reply to TerenceSmelser #
  • RT @TerenceSmelser: “@Greeblie ROFL, I’LL BE your “Good Buddy” ANYTIME, darling…” #RWRTF (or aren’t we doing that anymore… ;) in reply to TerenceSmelser #
  • @TerenceSmelser Is #rwrtf so last week or what? Back to the road now… in reply to TerenceSmelser #
  • Rogue fly musta got the idea that it was unwanted. Escaped thru window when I stopped to scale my O/D load. PETA would be proud of me… #
  • GAWD DAMMIT! Rogue fly left but the 2ND SHIFT “FLIES” showed up to take over! Fuck me running… #
  • @KerryES Well, being as I have never in all my born days seen a fire ant, I’ll have to call flies the clear winner here… ;) in reply to KerryES #
  • @PhilMadsen Chicago is not a good place to spend a weekend. Good luck to you driver! in reply to PhilMadsen #
  • @juliarygaard Never trust food from anyone with two first names… ;) in reply to juliarygaard #
  • There’s a hole in the sky: http://twitpic.com/7upam #
  • @juliarygaard Darned if you ain’t right. But really Ruth’s Chris sounds like two different people. Does Ruth own Chris? in reply to juliarygaard #
  • RT @askspikeonline: Why old dogs are the best dogs http://bit.ly/BgBR2 Every word is true, and you may want to grab a tissue. <- true words in reply to askspikeonline #
  • @juliarygaard LOL backatcha! Why didn’t I see that coming, I’ve only been married for 18 years. in reply to juliarygaard #

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Weekly Tweets for 2009-05-24

  • (beep beep beep) Mrrgghhff… wha? Morning already? Dammit! Whoever invented the concept of time should be hoisted by his own entrails… #
  • On the road heading to corn country, IA. Taking the slow way… Damn Illinois and their split speed limit and their sneaky LEOs. ;) #
  • Crawling pass St. Louis on I270. Been in 2nd gear for a half hour… http://twitpic.com/5hr1z #
  • RT @IMAO_: “I’ve always said the biggest problem with automobiles today is that too many poor people own them. #tcot” harrumph! in reply to IMAO_ #
  • RT @Land_Line_Mag: “I-75 truck blitz WED! KY, OH and MI cops watching for speeders, lane changing, tailgating, licensing cred.” in reply to Land_Line_Mag #
  • Pause for lunch on the way to MO. Some nice quesadillas from Hardees, of all places. Got to head toward St. Louis now #
  • Just popped into the CD: My Brother The Cow, from Mudhoney! Borrowed if from the library last time I was home. Driving music? we’ll see… #
  • RT @IMAO_: “”Nothing lamer than a lemur!” #annoyalemur” Lemurs stink and have no friends. Stupid Lemurs… in reply to IMAO_ #
  • @SubEWL “Trigger finger in barrel?” Either a large caliber gun or small fingers… Safety first! ;) in reply to SubEWL #
  • RT @sween: “Yo momma’s so stupid the Washington Generals came *this close* to beating her.” lol! in reply to sween #
  • RT @cklouis: “there are four baby ducklings in my apartment right now. They shit more than three chinese kids.” Why baby ducks? #
  • @Heydriver Slow in the lowboy heavy haul business. people aren’t buying a lot of heavy equipment now… in reply to Heydriver #
  • @Heydriver yeah, RGN biz is slow. spent 4 days in SC waiting for freight last week. and its hard dealing with folks only open 8 to 5… in reply to Heydriver #
  • @Heydriver my company doesn’t pay layover anymore except for weekends. gotta be done, I guess… in reply to Heydriver #
  • @FartSandwich A multi dimensional hat tilt will also raise your doucheosity. And don’t forget the Ubiquitous Red Cup! ;) in reply to FartSandwich #
  • @TruckerDesiree Karma is smiling at you. cute! in reply to TruckerDesiree #
  • On the outskirts of the wonderful burg of Granite City, IL. Local attractions? Apparently truck stops, warehouses and factories. Location x3 #
  • Spent last 4 hours hanging out, waiting for big PM on the truck. Went to find nearby Walmart Supercenter… Google Maps LIED! #
  • @Korv_N Mudhoney CD turned out not so good. I’m sure they did better work. After that was Offspring, great driving music! #
  • @Korv_N BTW: I’ll check out those music recommendations when I get back to GAWDS country… ;) #
  • @gypsyhooker Madison, IL near East St Louis. I gave up on the search, I was driving the company car and knew others were waiting… in reply to gypsyhooker #
  • @gypsyhooker I’ll try to remember that. Next time I’ll just ask you! Seriously, thanks. in reply to gypsyhooker #
  • @slackadjusterr Was looking for a WallyWorld with food in it… I returned defeated and in shame… ;) in reply to slackadjusterr #

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From Rome to Charlotte

I’m at the Flying Hook in Rock Hill, SC, waiting for Monday to roll around. Up to now it had been a fairly busy week for me. Now that all my loads are done, I wasn’t left with one that would get me through the weekend. I’ll have to wait until Monday and maybe I’ll get a load then. (Included in this blog post are some pics I took, not necessarily corresponding to the text they are near…)

Last Monday, I picked up a rust bucket truck from Rome, NY. I was supposed to pick it up on Saturday and run all weekend but upon arrival Saturday, I discovered that the truck would not run, and there were no people at the auction yard… at all! The only person there was another driver who helped me try to diagnose the crappy truck I was tasked to deliver to Rockford, IL. Neither of us had any luck, and Extended Support said that the consignee wasn’t going to mess with getting someone out to help until Monday.

On that day, a wrecker showed up, the guy tried to diagnose the truck and failed so we used his truck to get the crappy truck loaded on my trailer. This went really fast, but I was still there another hour, trying my best to get the height down to legal and getting everything tied down. The truck was so seriously rusty that I was afraid to crank down on the chains, lest I break that fucker in half!

Tuesday saw the truck safely delivered to Rockford, IL, even though they had to use another truck to unload the crappy one. Then it was off to MI to load a 25,000 lb forklift from a steel mill that was almost abandoned going to another in AR, which apparently was doing better. When I got there Wednesday, it turned out the forklift was more like 55,000 lbs and there was no way that I could take it, I didn’t have enough axles for the weight. That would have been the heaviest thing I ever hauled, but now I know my upper limit. So its back to the truckstop to await another load which didn’t come until Thursday.

A short trip to Kalamazoo, MI got me to pick up a very light load which turned out to be pieces of a bus shelter that were going to downtown Charlotte, NC, and would end up on the roof of a 10 story building as a trellis for a garden. The plan was to have it delivered on Monday morning but the folks at the shipper took it upon themselves to see if I could deliver by Friday, and surprisingly the consignee agreed! Very nice of them, otherwise I would be waiting here with a load I could not deliver instead of not having a load at all. There is a difference and that difference shows up in my paycheck.

I ran as fast and as hard as I could to get to downtown Charlotte where I waited about 45 minutes for a spot to clear up in the center of the construction chaos for me to unload. When I finally got there and unstrapped I was asked to take it to the construction yard instead. Apparently there was too many bags of dirt and granite pieces on the roof to make room for my load. Eventually, I was completely unloaded and free.

I popped down to a local truckstop, had some really nice enchiladas with rice and beans, and awaited any chance of a load coming up before quitting time in Green Bay. No luck, so I ran a half hour south to be here, where at least I got WiFi, so I sit and wait some more… and that’s where I am.

Stopped for Repairs

Hanging out at Gary, truck repaired, waiting for a load out of here. The Qualcomm just beeped after I sent a query. The “read-me-now” lite on the dashboard isn’t lit, so I know its just a message saying, “We’re still looking…” I’m out of cash, cigarettes, and snacks and I’m bored outta my mind. Hopefully the battery will soon be charged enough on my FauxPod so I might listen to the rest of my audiobook, Gust Front, by John Ringo. I had read the paperbacks, but I’m digging the audio version, I catch so much that I skipped over and the narrator is doing a great job.

I’m noticing I’m expecting this word processor to correct my spelling and suggest words like the T9 on my fucking cell phone does. It ain’t happening. Got to learn how to type all over again.

Later – The note on the Qualcomm did day, “We still looking.” Of course. But I’m next in this market to get a load when it comes up. There are two other specialized drivers here, one glass and one heavy haul, and they both have loads. There are also lots of regular “M” flatbedders with no load, even though there are a shitload of steel plants nearby. Things are slow all over.

Talking to the other drivers is usually boring and tedious but every once in a while I get talking with a real “character.” One guy was telling me how he worked undercover for NIS back in the seventies and would help bust Navy officers who were bringing heroin home from overseas. Whether true or not, it was a great story.

I managed to get the truck cleaned up, something I should do more often than just before I’m getting it serviced. Can’t have people thinking I’m a slob, though I really am… The electric cooler is back in service after a few months sealed up with Gawd knows what inside. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, cleanup was quick and now milk, sweet tea and cottage cheese are cooling off. I’d made a trip to the nearby WallyWorld but it wasn’t a Supercenter so I went the the Kroger next door and did some stocking up. A pack of cigarettes were obtained and I feel better now.

Heading for bed, hopefully that tomorrow I’ll be back on the road, getting my “paltry” cents per mile.

Check out my crusty windshield!

Check out my crusty windshield!

Check out my crusty windshield!,
originally uploaded by greeblie.

Waiting somewhere in Illinois to get a new load after the previous one was cancelled. I passed a Streakin Beacon about an hour back, should have gave the truck a bath. Can’t tell what color it is anymore.

Two Seasons in Three Days

Last week I picked up a mixer truck heading to Florida. I was in Morris, IL and the temperature was 15 or so. This is the view I had while I was waiting for them to thaw out the truck:

This is the fog bank I went through to get to Miami:

When I cleared the fog, I had sunny skies and warm temps all the way south. This was the scene in downtown Miami as I was getting ready to enter the front gate of the port:

I think I passed through a space-time vortex, or something. I’m near Atlanta, GA now,  waiting for Monday to roll around so I might grab another piece of hardware going to FL. I’ll post pics when that happens…

Freezing Rain

Woke of this morning to the sound of frozen rain tapping on the fiberglass roof of my truck. Has to crank up the truck and defrost my windows before I could take off.  Then it was 15-20 mph up I-75 until I ran into better weather about 50 miles up the road.  No big deal really, I’ve driven in worse.

The folks I delivered to in Ohio were very nice, I was able to bring the entire truck into their shop to untarp and unchain. I managed to drop a dozen or so gallons of snow melt on their nice concrete floor but they were not too worried about it. I did all the untarping but they left me use their shop floor to roll them heavy tarps back up before I left. This is unusual but it was much appreciated.

Now I’m hanging out waiting for my next load, as usual. Hopefully something will come up tomorrow. It usually does…

In other news, my conversion to a Linux-head (is that what they are called?) is progressing smoothly.  For the past three hours I’ve been working on getting Photoshop Elements 5 to work in Ubuntu Linux with the WINE windows emulator.  Got lots  good info from the web and for the most part, it’s working.  Now I’m taking the bold step of upgrading Elements to the 5.0.2 version and that seems to be working as well.  More testing to come, but so far, so good.

Now of I can get my GPS mapping program to install, I’ll be extremely happy and my one day rid myself of the clunky, hanging, crappy Windoze forever!