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Celebrity Tanker Dog

Tanker dog is fast becoming a celebrity, What is the pup gonna do? Woof once for yes, twice for no?

“Jay Leno wants to fly her to Los Angeles to appear on his late-night talk show, while news crews from across the country also are itching for a chance to sit down with the little hero. First, though, she’s got to cool her paws in quarantine.”

Having lived in Hawaii, I know that the pup will have to chill out for four months in quarantine before anyone will be adopting it much less having it on the Tonite Show. We moved to Hawaii in ’74 bringing the family dog and we only got to visit her in a cage for the first four months we were there. After she got out we have a big back yard for her to play in so she was a happy pup.

Tanker Dog Still Alive!

Remember that poor dog that was left on the Indonesian tanker after the whole crew abandoned ship? And then they had an unsuccessful $50,000 attempt to rescue the dog later? Well, now it turns out A Coast Guard has found the ship drifting and spotted the dog still alive onboard. They air-dropped their lunches to it.

Later a fishing crew will board the ship and are going to rescue the poor thing and bring it to Hawaii after it gets back next week. After 19 days alone, I’ll bet that’s one excited and happy dog!

Misc Rants #6

Rescuers hope to save dog on drifting (burning) tanker: I hope they can rescue the dog, but with Hawaii’s strict 120 day quarantine law, the dogs future is still uncertain cuz the owner can’t stick around. Poor thing…

I also signed the petition to take away Yasser’s Nobel Peace prize at RevokeThePrize.org. Yasser got a “peace” prize, then continued to order folks to blow themselves up in cafes and synagogues… The Nobel folks are yammering to take away Peres’ prize but not Terrorist Yasser’s. Who the hell needs them or Europe anyways…

In VIRGINIA BEACH: “A 12-year-old girl confronted by a flasher in an elevator Monday night reacted quickly: She grabbed his zipper and yanked it up.” — Yeouch! No word whether they caught the guy yet…