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Back To Work, Slave!

Tonight, I’m in Michigan. In the AM I’ll pickup a railroad load going to Colorado. Probably shouldn’t go into details, I’ve been endeavoring to keep work and my blog separate (“You gotta keep ‘em separated!“).

Today was a leisurely drive through Indiana and Michigan, it was a nice day with good weather. Tomorrow will bring the start of a nice legal load going to Colorado. But right now, I’m bushed and need to sack out.

Oh and if you haven’t seen this, Star Wars done up in THUMBS:

Misc Rants #10

Yes, the Bogusphere is charging George Lucas with reinforcing a stereotype because the character of Jango Fett looks like a Latino: “… toys with American paranoia about Mexican immigration with its cloned army of swarthy lookalikes who march in lockstep by the tens of thousands, and ultimately end up serving as Darth Vader’s white-suited warriors.” Also this all happens on a planet called Kamino in the film, a soundalike for the Spanish word “camino,” which means “road” or “I walk.”

I guess it could not possibly matter that the actor that plays Jango is a New Zealander of Maori descent or that the story takes place in a time or universe where there are no Mexicans… Oh, some Arab-Americans thought he looked Arabic (and is therefore a stereotypical terrorist) and he calls his son, “Baba” which is Arabic for “father.” And the Trade Feds all spoke like Orientals…

As if all the crap about Jar-Jar wasn’t bad enough. Sometimes, you just can’t win, you can’t break even, either…

Yet another Hate Crime Bill is making it’s way to the senate. “The new measure would expand its jurisdiction to cover crimes based on the victims’ actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender.” Yes, once again, it would be more of a crime for a black gay man to be killed than it would be for a white father of three. They are both equally dead, but punishment for the former would be more severe than the latter because the killer was thinking “bad thoughts.” Can we ever get rid of this “thought crime” crap?

This bill also has provisions for the feds to completely take over a states case if there can be shown the slightest link to “interstate commerce.” Tom Daschole and Ted Kennedy, the two more prominent Democrap backers of this bill are happier than pigs in slop. But don’t expect this thing to pass the House, even if it makes it through the Senate. At least I hope so…

Stupid Ideas are really hard to kill so chalk one up for the Bogusphere…

Star Wars all over again…

I’ve yet to see the Episode 2 Star Wars movie yet, I’ve seen that a lot of people in the Blogosphere have already lined up, seen the flick and reported back. Overall their reviews are favorable so I guess it might be worth my time to see it. I’ll probably go in the next few days. My wife wouldn’t go with me (she hates scifi) so maybe my sister or brother-in-law might. I just hate trying to get into movies on opening day. I’m not that much of a social gadfly that I HAVE to see it NOW because all my friends have already seen it and if I HAVEN’T SEEN IT, well then, we’ve got nothing to talk about:

“Wasn’t Attack of the Clones great! I like the Yoda fighting parts best! What did you like best about it?”

“Uh, I haven’t seen it yet…”

And then we stand around in the awkward silence, me thinking, “He must think I’m a moron.” And him thinking, “What a moron!”

Back in 1977, I was living in Hawaii and I was about 15. I got news of the great, new flick called “Star Wars” that everyone else had seen and liked. So I figured I’ll try to see it. It was playing at a place called the Royal Hawaiian Theater (or maybe just the Hawaii Theater), an old ’40s looking movie house with a huge screen, fake coconut trees on the sides this neat projected effect that made stars and clouds move across the ceiling. The whole thing to make you think you were outdoors, I guess. It also had a state of the art (for the ’70s) sound system. The year before I’d seen Midway in Sensurround and it was deafening and great fun.

Dad dropped me off to see the matinee and I sat down to see the show. The last thing I remember seeing was the Imperial Cruiser coming over the top of the screen and then I went into full sensory overload! I loved the movie, it really blew me away! But when Dad asked me to explain the plot, I couldn’t! I had to see it a second time just to figure it out!

I had seen Phantom Menace the night it came out in 1999, having waited many years for it was disappointed, so I figure Episode Two can wait a few days more for my viewing it.