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Did I Have A Stroke?

It was scary! Couldn’t see much at all from right eye, left eye was frozen on same scene no matter what I did, I could not move or blink it. I was disoriented, almost paralyzed and was really getting into a fully scale panic! I might have even cried a bit wondering what I was going to do now! I couldn’t find my phone must less call 911. How am I going to get out of this helicopter?

Helicopter? WTF!?

And then I discovered something very important! My right eye was closed because I was ASLEEP! My head was resting on my left arm and had peeled my left eye open. The unchanging scene was my arm, my watchband and the inside of my truck. I was paralyzed because I was napping, but I thought I was awake. My eyes were wet and red, especially the left one because it was propped open by my arm…

All the above is 100% true! I’m still a little shaken but apparently I just HAD to Twitter and blog about it… What a dumbass I am!

And, just how tricky can your brain be when you’re “not looking?”