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Weekly Tweets for 2009-06-14

  • .@Skezzie Asshole birds were not on duty when I went to my truck at 3AM. Not only are they assholes, they are “slackers” too! ;) in reply to Skezzie #
  • Commencing to play in Chicagoland traffic. Fun, fun, fun. #
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Construction, don’t fail me now… #
  • Up an at ‘em at 3am, its time for me to formally and unconditionally surrender to the Axis of Entropy. Don’t forget to tip your socks… #
  • here I am http://pic.gd/8f5be9 #
  • RT @Greeblie: “here I am http://pic.gd/8f5be9” Tweetphoto doesn’t know where I am… probably the phone. in reply to Greeblie #
  • On the Indiana Toll Road, eastbound – http://twitpic.com/6z9wk #
  • Indiana Toll roads IZOOM “mascot” is female superhero in skintight suit, big knockers and bed head. Those always make me think of concrete. #
  • Started in Milwaukee, picked up in Joliet and delivered in Toledo today. Nice full day of work. Maybe another tomorrow? meh… #
  • Just ate one of the Cup-O-Noodles wife discovered in laundry closet and passed on to me. Tasted like chicken and SOAP! Packaging FAIL! #
  • @Skezzie Hi Dad! Twitter Note: Preface your tweets with @Greeblie when they’re directed to me, otherwise I don’t see them for a few days ;) in reply to Skezzie #
  • .@Skezzie Terry just reported 1000s of bird settling for the night in some trees behind the complex. Migration, I guess. Get the birdfeeder! in reply to Skezzie #
  • .@TerenceSmelser You getting back behind the wheel soon? in reply to TerenceSmelser #
  • @TerenceSmelser Hope you get setup where you want to be. Good thing about truck driving, you can work for just about anyone, if a jobs there in reply to TerenceSmelser #
  • @TerenceSmelser The converse of that means the rest of the world is safer if you’re not “concentrated” in one place too long ;) in reply to TerenceSmelser #
  • @TerenceSmelser A damn good thing! Well, Mista T, I gotta crash now. I’m going blind from… soap… poisoning! Won’t they be sorry then ;) in reply to TerenceSmelser #

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Weekly Tweets for 2009-05-31

  • Back on the road, heading to SC… Had a great weekend, saw lots of people I hadn’t seen in a long time. Good times, good times… #
  • The Law is working overtime in TN, handing out tickets with both hands today. Everyone is subject to their attentions, not just big trucks. #
  • Driving under the Smokies (1 of 2) http://twitpic.com/5y392 #
  • Driving under the Smokies (2 of 2) http://twitpic.com/5y3hz #
  • @jinime Awesome synonyms: tubular, gnarly, bitchin’, sweeeeet, zomg. And of course, greeblie… ;) in reply to jinime #
  • RT @isfullofcrap: If I want to see rednecks drive in circles for 500 miles, I’ll go to a sale at a Wal Mart with a really small parking lot. in reply to isfullofcrap #
  • Feeding the ducks at a TS in SC… Then they went under my truck to hang out for a while. NOTE TO SELF: Check under truck before leaving. #
  • Truckstop Ducks – (trying to post pics, but apparently Twitpic is fubar) #
  • Southbound thru the liquid sunshine. http://twitpic.com/601rk #
  • Hiding out for the night behind a WallyWorld, picking up my freight in th am. Got some shopping done, now I can eat! #foodisnice #
  • I just farted so bad it drove me out of my truck and close to the exhaust stack, where I could get some fresh air. TMI, yeah sure… #
  • Reading Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. But I’m slowly slipping into timewarps and have been rereading a lot… Time for bed, I think… #
  • Passing thru “makin jawjuh” on my way to Texas. Unrelated: Is anyone else creeped out by my avatar? The peanut M&M in my nostril too much? #
  • @Kalli us motherfuckin amurrikun done ruint everthing, huh… ;) in reply to Kalli #
  • @deadvoter Piercing? Not a bad idea! Well, except maybe for the blocked sinus and the inevitable decomposition. Oh, and the blue dye ring ;) in reply to deadvoter #
  • @melissakeyes So far popular consensus is not good. I’ll have to change it soon. I wonder if its lost me any followers? That’d be kewl! #
  • @Kalli LOL! Imagine, if you will, the world DID revolve around the US. Then people in Australia would be flung off into space! ;) in reply to Kalli #
  • @melissakeyes Yes, I’ll have to be subtle with next pic… I know just the one! hee hee! in reply to melissakeyes #
  • RT @verwon: You have got 2 be kidding, why would you post this pic as your avatar? Not going to watch that popup in my stream all the time! #
  • RT @Sternenfee: “if you want me to follow you back, introduce yourself, make yous presence known.” I’m the one snorting M&Ms in reply to Sternenfee #

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Back in the Saddle

On the road now and I’m feeling better. As soon as I get used to truck driving again. I usually feel a little worn out the first day back after a couple of days at home, well this time I went two weeks at home before I was able to run again. I’m bushed! And the load I picked up and tarped hasn’t helped. Got to get my “road legs” back again.

My wife was literally in the process of kissing me goodbye when the call came in for my current load. A quick trip to Kentucky to pickup some factory machinery going to Ohio (with a side trip back through the house to pickup my forgotten shower bag. I’ve gone three weeks without showering once… ONCE. Not a pretty picture…).

So I’ve got a 12′ tall load of unidentifiable machinery (even the folks that loaded it didn’t know what it was) that had to be tarped. I was seriously dreading wrestling canvas over these tall oblong suckers, but lucky for me, the three folks who loaded it also helped me tarp it too. Which made a half hour job out of a several hour job if I’d had to do it myself. I thanked them profusely (they are one of the few who have EVER helped me tarp) and trundled off toward Ohio.

A quick stop at Leavenworth, Indiana for some lunch and some easy driving have gotten me to Ohio, about an hour short of my delivery spot. I’ve gone down for the night at the pickle park (rest area for you non-truckers) and after a quick bite and a potty break, I’m off to bed. I have no set delivery time tomorrow and they haven’t set me up with my next load yet, so I imagine they’ll get it around 0900. Then off to the nearest Pilot to fuel up and get some money.

Good night, everyone!

Oak Grove, KY

100_5163 After enjoying last weekend at home, wrangling a couple of grandkids who spent the weekend I’m back on the road.  I’ve got some tanker truck and a container that I picked up at a Air National Guard base in Wisconsin and I’m headed for Georgia to deliver tomorrow.  From there I’ll head to a nearby company OC that’s just been close and pick up some stuff to go to another company OC in Illinois.  Nice to have your next load waiting before you finish the load you’re on, it’s so rare that it happens that way lately.

I’ve been asked if I want one of the new RGN trailers to run with instead of the ratty stepdeck flatbed I’m pulling now, I said "Am I gonna make more money with this trailer?" My manager said "Sure!"  Hmm, we’ll see about the money, but I said I’d take one. Anything would be better that the rattle-trap trailer I’m pulling now.  Actually my current trailer isn’t THAT bad, i guess familiarity really does breed contempt.

RGN stands for Removable Goose Neck, and that means when I pick up a piece of heavy equipment, I can drop the front of the trailer onto the dirt and drive whatever I’m gonna haul right onto the trailer.  It will also keep me out of the bullshit load business like bricks, tar paper rolls and the one time I hauled 68 fifty-five gallon drums of raw honey from CA to PA.  I still had bees under my tarps when I got to PA! 

Well, time to get back on the road, I just paused a bit to download some of my audiobooks and get them loaded up on my MP3 player.  Check out Audible.com if you’re looking for great audiobooks at a decent price. Been a member since 2000 and they’ve kept me well entertained on those long stretches of road.