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Misc Rants #13

The husband of convicted child killer Andrea Yates is suing to block release of crime scene videos to two TV station that requested it. Under Texas law the district attorney’s office must release them.

“The only legitimate public interest in the contents of the videotape was served when it was played for the jury at the criminal trial,” Parnham [lawyer for the husband] said in the lawsuit against Cornyn [Texas Attorney General now running for the Senate]. “To now disseminate that video for commercial, public broadcast can only serve the improper purpose of supporting sensationalism and pandering to voyeuristic interests.”

No shit! It’s unfortunate we have a bunch of fucked up people in this country who get off on pictures and videos of death and destruction. And we also have some equally fucked folks who’ll broadcast anything for ratings and the almighty dollar that comes with them. Remember the P*arl vid?

Gawd, I hate TV…

I love the NYPost headline: DOCS LOOKING UP BUSH. Find any gerbils?

Why all this hoopla and media coverage about this guy’s ass? Enough already! Yeah, so this is only the second time that a veep has become the prez for a little while:

“Ronald Reagan transferred power to Bush’s dad during his eight-hour colon-cancer surgery in July 1987 – but not in March 1987 when Reagan had the colonoscopy checkup that ultimately led to cancer surgery.”

Well, if it’s already happened before, then it’s not NEWS anymore! WHO CARES! And what is it about being president that gives you colon trouble? Hmmm…

Read the report at the Guardian on how Saddam ’staged’ fake baby funerals with the use of freezer and taxi’s. I found the story to be very detailed, factual and a little grisly. Then I found this little piece, presumably the personal opinions of the writer, John Sweeney:

“The dead babies are blamed by Saddam’s regime on cancers and birth defects which first appeared in 1991 and were, it says, caused by depleted uranium weapons. While no one should underestimate the lethality of these weapons and the stupidity of the US military machine, the claim does not make radiological sense. According to Dr Nick Plowman, head of clinical oncology at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, the claim ’is ridiculous. It flies in the face of everything learnt from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.’”

I’ve never read this guy before, but I don’t like him much. As always, “unbiased” reporting from those fine folks across the pond…

To GAWD or not to GAWD…

I just heard on Fox News Channel that a federal appeals court in San Francisco has declared that the good old Pledge of Allegiance” is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and cannot be recited in a SCHOOL! What the fuck is going on over there in the Land of the Fruits, Nuts and Flakes?

UPDATE: Court seeks to overturn a 1954 US law that added “under god” to the Pledge. GAWD save us from the Rabid PC Atheist Fundamentalist Morons of the world… Still breaking…

“A profession that we are a nation ’under God’ is identical, for Establishment Clause purposes, to a profession that we are a nation ’under Jesus,’ a nation ’under Vishnu,’ a nation ’under Zeus,’ or a nation ’under no god,’ because none of these professions can be neutral with respect to religion,” Judge Alfred T. Goodwin wrote for the three-judge panel.

Nobody is required to say this thing. Nobody is getting executed if they don’t say it. If you say it in a school, it does NOT mean that the STATE says “HEY, YOU! GOD EXISTS! PRAY YOU HEATHEN BASTARD OR THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA WILL KILL YOU!!” This is massively ignorant. Even me, a half-blind, non-religious, atheist/agnostic blogger puke can see this…

From PejmanPundit: The Ninth Circuit Court in SF is the most overturned court in the country.

BTW: Fox News is “carpet-bombing” this story all over the airwaves. I’ve heard from Dick Morris, “The Judge” (can’t remember his name), Charlie Daniels and even the “atheist,” himself who when asked how he’s gonna protect his family from possible backlash, said he’s “gonna pray” before he caught himself.

I think this guy, this Michael A. Newdow, is one of those breed of PC Atheists who deep down aren’t as sure as they say that there is no GAWD. Because when the shit hits the fan, he’s “gonna pray” (according to the FOXNEWS interview I heard) to keep his family safe. Pray to WHO?

You know what I think? I don’t care if there is a GAWD or not. The Pledge is important to me because I am an American not because it has the words “under god” in there somewhere. If I say the Pledge, I’m not saying I believe in the GAWD of Abe and Jeezus and the ’Postles (or Mohammed or Buddha, etc). Cuz I don’t!

I’m not saying there is no GAWD, either. He’s not revealed himself to me and told me which of the hundreds of religions in the world is the “one, true belief.” So, until I hear from Him, lets just live our own lives and get along with the business of living. Hard enough task in this fucked up world without having to meet somewhere once a week and compare clothes.

I was never raised as a religious person. My folks were (and still) not church-going GAWD-fearing religious people. It was up to me to participate in religion or not. Back in my teen-age years I actually joined up with a church youth group for a school year. I wasn’t looking for something “missing” in my life, I was just into hanging out with my friends. All I really remember is the social aspects of it. GAWD certainly didn’t tap me on the shoulder in church or gave me a vision and “opened my eyes.” Which leaves me to wonder if he was ever really there in that pretty building with the stained glass windows.

I don’t sweat words on a plaque. I don’t live in fear that someone will come to my house one day, put a gun to my head and say “BELIEVE!” I don’t give a rats ass if someone says a prayer in my presence. I could care less that Congress says a benediction every morning. I’ve got a lot of more important worries in this life.

Review: Atomic Twister

Signal to Noise Rating: 25%

(Ok, I lied… I never made it to see Star Wars AOTC. Time and “soicumstance” conspired against me, so I went to work instead.)

Last night I just hung around the house with the wife and watched Atomic Twister. Tell you what, TV’s label as a “vast and empty wasteland” is still nice and secure.

This movie had been promoted for weeks, bombarding us with commercials telling us how good it was going to be. With nothing else to do last night, we settled down and watched it. This movie was a great “commercial vehicle,” in that there was an even split between actual movie and commercials, about an hour of show and at least an hour of ads (as if this was the freaking Super Bowl). Gawd, how I hate TV.

Here’s how the movie went. These tornadoes manage to sneak up on the local nuclear power station. And I do mean sneak, silently sneak. The Gate Guard (played by Carl Lewis, the only “brother” in town, so of course the first to die) walks out of his gatehouse to use his cell phone, he finishes the call and the tornado, who had been hiding QUIETLY BEHIND the gatehouse all this time, jumps out, sez BOO! and sucks him up and spits him out. Them the movie pretty much goes all downhill from there.

The nuke plant, was a pretty wimpy place. It’s phone system was knocked by the tornado, the satellite blew down, the radio blew away (cuz someone left the door open), there were also a few “papier mache” coolant pipes cracked by the sneaky tornado (how it did that inside a sealed containment building, I’ll never know), and of course the people who are running this place are mostly morons and idiots, except for the Heroine (Sharon Lawrence), who got her job via Affirmative Action. She has a cute pre-teen son (no daddy in sight), who plays Twister (the game) with the teen-age babysitter (with the really prominent cleavage). Said babysitter bites the dust later when the tornado silently sneaks up on the house and catches the her peeking out the window. You just can’t trust those sneaky tornadoes…

That guy from Saved By The Bell (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), played the irresponsible (yet reserve policeman) former fiancé of the daughter of the tough, grumpy police chief (Corben Bernson, who must have gotten a good nap during the filming of this flick). Anyway, he saves the Heroine’s kid, saves his former fiancé, saves East Tennessee from total nuclear annihilation by hijacking and delivering a load of diesel fuel to the plant. Damn…

Yeah, one other minor problem. How it is that a nuke power plant, whose only purpose is to generate electricity, had such a problem with power that they had to shutdown systems and use diesel generators to even make the computers work? And wasn’t it handy that a “leftover” generator that had been sitting and rusting for 20 plus years, starts up when the heroine gives it a swift kick, thereby saving the day and East Tennessee.

I thought I saw a subtle anti-nuke message somewhere but with the bad acting and the sucky plot, I wasn’t quite sure. Anyways, this movie’s plot really sucked ass, the special effects blew chunks, and the acting was downright crappy. It was a bad movie, not a cheesy bad movie that’s funny bad, but just plain bad. It would have been much more fun if everyone dies and East Tennessee had become a radioactive wasteland, but we can’t even get that break.

Introducing my rating system, the Signal to Noise Ratio. I figure every movie must have something good (signal) throught out all the stupidity and bad acting (noise). I gave this one a 25%, the only good points being the heroine’s tight shirt and the babysitters cleavage. So be it!

Misc Rants #11

The guy who found the Titanic has now found JFK’s PT109. So what…

Bruce Bartlett talks about how the once depleted oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico are being “refilled” from below. Also he sheds some light on something I heard a long time ago and could not remember the source:

The existence of oil much farther below the surface than it was previously thought to exist raises new questions about the origins of oil and natural gas. It has commonly been thought that they are the decayed remains of long dead plants and animals. However, as hydrocarbons are found at extreme depths, this explanation becomes increasingly implausible.

Astronomer Thomas Gold of Cornell University has long been dissatisfied with the dead dinosaur theory of oil’s origins. He argues that oil and gas are in fact the remains of methane left over from the earth’s origin. Methane, he points out, is one of the most common minerals in the universe. When the stars and planets were formed eons ago, it was one of the central building blocks from which matter formed.


There’s a good piece from Steve Milloy about CSPI’s (Center for Science in the Public Interest) attack on that most American of foods, the Pizza! CSPI uses many junk science claims to tell us how bad pizza is for us. Steve Milloy counters:

Yes, pizza contains fat and salt; these key components make pizza and many other foods taste good. But salt and fat aren’t necessarily the dietary bogeymen portrayed by fun-food haters.

Harvard University researchers noted in a November 1997, New England Journal of Medicine study that, “The results of [studies] between dietary fat and coronary disease have been inconsistent.” Their study of more than 80,000 women followed for 14 years reported no statistically significant associations between total fat, animal fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and risk of heart disease.

A recent article in the journal Science summarized the state of the knowledge about dietary salt and high blood pressure as, “After decades of intensive research, the apparent benefits of avoiding salt have only diminished.”

Why the scare from CSPI ? Because, they’re trying to sell books. CSPI’s “flaky boss Michael Jacobson and pizza report co-author Jayne Hurley” is trying to sell a book called Restaurant Confidential:

Restaurant Confidential is a supposed “lowdown” on the calories, salt and fat in restaurant food. But like the pizza report, Restaurant Confidential relies on myths about fat and salt and the inappropriate generalizations about DRVs [daily reference values from the FDA].

I guess everything is bad for you, why should we even bother getting up in the morning? Well, I get up in the morning so I can have cold pizza for breakfast, it runs a close second to Crunch Berries as my breakfast of choice.

And me still alive and healthy! Imagine that!

Amish Heat – Stupid Searches

A great porn site for the really, really hard up: Amish Heat!

“WE HAVE CHICKS WITH STICKS AND HOT BUTTER CHURNING ACTION! All models and cows are 18 years of age or older”

UPDATE: They have moved! — > AMISH HEAT!

Seems I’m getting a few traffic hits from Google for the term “D*niel P*arl V*deo.” If anyone has come here looking to view this snuff film, don’t let the mouse hit you in the ass on your way out. It makes me sick that real human beings are scouring the web, looking to see another human being get their throat cut and their head chopped off. If this what you are here for you are one twisted puke and you need to take your happy ass out of here…

You know what I think? I think that the Second Coming has already happened, like a thousand years ago. The rest of us poor bastards are just marking time, waiting for the ax to fall. Just think, millions of Christians, Jews and Muslims are devoutly praying, living the holy life and still looking for GAWD to come back and save them. Well, good luck to you.

I think GAWD grabbed the folks he wanted back in 1000 AD and said to hell with the rest of you. I guess He just didn’t bother letting us know we were S.O.L. as he went out the door. Or if he did, it’s been lost to history.

Why am I flaming GAWD when I call myself an “atheist?” Well, I’m either an atheist or an agnostic, depending on how pissed off I am at the time I’m asked…

Clinton’s Oval Orifice

Clinton misses his former digs in DC so much that he plans to recreate his sanctum in his “library” in Arkansas

The room, made famous by what Mr Clinton may or may not have done there and in the corridor outside with Monica Lewinsky, will have “furnishings exactly as they were during President Clinton’s years in office.”

He probably HAS the original furniture that was in the Oval Office stashed in a garage somewhere. The good news is he can’t even raise the bucks to get his pitiful library built, much less furnished. And I hear tell they will wallpaper the exit with emails sent to Clinton after Buddy put himself to sleep (he was killed if you ask me), and serenade visitors with that stupid Fleetwood Mac song, “Don’t Stop.”

I figure, he can’t screw over America anymore so maybe he can screw someone else in his favorite hot spot and just pretend he still has the US bent over the table. I’ll bet he’ll spend lots of time there, banging interns, reminiscing about his lost “legacy,” and calling in imaginary cruise missile strikes on Crawford, Texas.

Ah, the glory days…

Misc Rants #10

Yes, the Bogusphere is charging George Lucas with reinforcing a stereotype because the character of Jango Fett looks like a Latino: “… toys with American paranoia about Mexican immigration with its cloned army of swarthy lookalikes who march in lockstep by the tens of thousands, and ultimately end up serving as Darth Vader’s white-suited warriors.” Also this all happens on a planet called Kamino in the film, a soundalike for the Spanish word “camino,” which means “road” or “I walk.”

I guess it could not possibly matter that the actor that plays Jango is a New Zealander of Maori descent or that the story takes place in a time or universe where there are no Mexicans… Oh, some Arab-Americans thought he looked Arabic (and is therefore a stereotypical terrorist) and he calls his son, “Baba” which is Arabic for “father.” And the Trade Feds all spoke like Orientals…

As if all the crap about Jar-Jar wasn’t bad enough. Sometimes, you just can’t win, you can’t break even, either…

Yet another Hate Crime Bill is making it’s way to the senate. “The new measure would expand its jurisdiction to cover crimes based on the victims’ actual or perceived sexual orientation or gender.” Yes, once again, it would be more of a crime for a black gay man to be killed than it would be for a white father of three. They are both equally dead, but punishment for the former would be more severe than the latter because the killer was thinking “bad thoughts.” Can we ever get rid of this “thought crime” crap?

This bill also has provisions for the feds to completely take over a states case if there can be shown the slightest link to “interstate commerce.” Tom Daschole and Ted Kennedy, the two more prominent Democrap backers of this bill are happier than pigs in slop. But don’t expect this thing to pass the House, even if it makes it through the Senate. At least I hope so…

Stupid Ideas are really hard to kill so chalk one up for the Bogusphere…

Magic Eight Ball – Hot Rock

Last night I broke down and bought something I’ve been wanting since I was a kid: a Magic Eight Ball. I don’t know how I’ve gone forty years without having one. You know what these are, don’t you? A black plastic ball about 4 or 5 inches in diameter with a black 8 in a white circle and a “spirit” window on the bottom.

You hold it in your hands, gently shake it and intone: “Oh, Magic Eight Ball, seer of all things, master of destiny, hip to the mysteries of the universe, I ask unto you and your wisdom…” then ask the question. Well, actually you don’t have to say those exact words (I just made them up), but you do have to concentrate, ask a yes or no question and them flip the ball over. In time a little triangle will appear with the answer…

Is it a tool of the occult? If you ask the M8B, it usually says “yes” (at least mine does). Earlier this morning I asked it: Will there be peace in the Middle East in my lifetime? M8B says: “My Sources Say No…” I tend to believe it.

Yesterday I saw the movie The Hot Rock. Robert Redford, George Segal and a bunch of other ’70s type steal a diamond, again and again. I think the movie is OK and I’ll usually watch once a year or so. Well, this time I was stuck by the aerial views of New York City in the early ’70s, how trashy the place looked.

I know the ’70s where NOT the golden age in NYC, but the place really looked like crap, like some European ghetto during WW2. However, there was a nice view of the World Trade Center under construction. Made me a little nostalgic. Then I thought, “How can I be nostalgic for a place I’ve never been to or even seen with my own eyes?”

Cuz I’m an American, I guess…

Premonition about 9/11?

I’m moving some of my old OpenDiary entries to this site and I came across an entry I posted on 9/11/2000 and thought I would repost it (please pardon the language):

I’ve been reading this book by Heinlein called “Friday.” Its a novel set in the not-so-far future where America is balkanized into separate, warring nations and corporations have more power than any country. It’s a great book, I’ll recommend it.

The heroine of the book is “Friday,” a genetically modified human who works as a secret courier for a corporation. She has to make it through a whole bunch of shit, just to survive. Anyways, Robert Heinlein likes to put up his own views and prejudices in the books he writes. Like his great hatred for lawyers and such. And a great belief in the power of the stupidity of people in large groups… a belief that I happen to share.

Farther along in this book, the heroine is asked to research what are the warning signs of a mortally-wounded civilization. And it turns out all these signs can be broken down to one idea: bad manners. When people can’t take even a little bit of their time to treat other folks decently, everything else goes downhill from there.

Are we seeing this kind of shit in the world today? You bet your ass we are! People can’t even say hello to each other on a fucking elevator anymore. You talk to a stranger on the street, you’ll at the least get a rude reply back, or at worst gunned down. All these little incidents of rudeness and bad manners, build up into the hostile world we live in now… You be nasty to me, I take that nastiness, add my own contribution and pass it on to the next sucker I see… See how it builds up?

So I guess this is the way the world we are living in now is going to be… Are we all just totally screwed?

What can we do? Is it too late to do anything about it? I think so… I think it was too late the day that the world leaders thought a world wide warfare was a good thing and thought it was OK to kill the other guy. We obviously didn’t learn from that lesson, we went ahead and had another one, plus a lot of little wars here and there… Did you know there has been NO time since WW One, that somewhere, somebody was not involved in a full-blown war somewhere? Killing their fellow man so that they could have his stuff…

Now, it does not bother us much when we here about four people executed in fast-food joint, after all, they weren’t part of our “group” were they? When the dumb f*cks shot up the high school and then off’ed themselves, if you didn’t live there or have kids there, did you really care? Deep down? I didn’t, so I guess I must be part of the problem. I didn’t live there, I didn’t know any of them. Oh well…

Tell me what you think, but please spare me your sappy-ass stories of how the world is a great place and how people are generally nice. Bullshit! Anything someone can think of in their worst nightmares, happens all the time in some other part of this fucked up world. Anything as sick and as twisted as you can think of people doing to themselves and others, is going on regularly as you read this stupid rant…

I’ll watch all this happening, actually its kind of fun to have a front row seat on the end of civilization. Knowing history the way I do, I’m surprised we haven’t all been slagged years ago. So, I’ll watch the world swirling down the tubes, and maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll get to see the final flush before I die. Hell, I’m no angel, I may even do a few things here and there, my little part to contribute… Every little bit helps.

George Carlin has it right… “Fuck Everybody!!!”

I’ve no idea what precipitated this particular rant but the timing was awfully scary, considering what happened exactly one year later…

Top of the Food Chain?

I read the story about the vegetarians starving their baby and being charged with neglect for it. It got me to thinking (and that’s a dangerous thing) about what kind of thoughts goes through the heads of people like that. Maybe they thought they where saving the poor things soul by not having any animal deaths messing up it’s baby karma.

And I also thought, there are a lot of people in this world who think that people don’t “belong” here on earth. As if hundreds of thousands of years of clawing our way to the top of the “food chain” don’t mean anything. Man is just a stupid, clumsy interloper and he should get outta the way and save the trees and the sucker fish and the spotted owls for future generations (of what?) to appreciate (or eat later). Is that what they think? Stupid fucks…

VodkaPundit pointed out something that’s been obvious to me for a long time. Humans are born predators and meat eaters. Our eyes are out front giving us stereo vision, the better to hunt with. Our teeth are made to eat meat, that’s what incisors and canines are for. Evolution has prepared us to eat meat! You can’t grow these teeth, eyes and this big ass brain we got by just eating grass!

I won’t talk much about the GAWD angle, other to say that if GAWD didn’t want us to eat animals, he would not have made them out of MEAT!

Then there are groups out there like Zero Population Growth who think we should cut down reproducing, so we can save the “environment” and the trees and the sucker fish and whatnot. And then there are the folks at Negative Population Growth that think zero growth ain’t enough! We just should stop reproducing altogether and kill immigration. All for the benefit of Mother Earth and the critters who inhabit her. I hear tell of a group out there who advocates involuntary euthanasia to cut back the human population all in favor of the environment but I don’t have any links or names.

I notice that ZPG and NPG are mostly American groups. I don’t think there are too many ZPG offices in Rwanda or India. Maybe because us Americans are too successful for some people to handle, and they “guilt” themselves into thinking all the world’s environmental and economic problems are USA’s fault. There is ample evidence for this idea in all parts of society I think. There are all sorts of those morons around here…

How can people turn their backs on their own species? Why is it with some people, humanity and your fellow man take a back seat to snail darters and endangered flies? Why would someone let fire fighters burn to death in a forest fire because taking the water out of a stream to drop on them would mean a few fish would die? When did this all happen?

How is it we scratched our way to the top of the food chain for hundreds of thousands of years just to start plummeting to the bottom in the past quarter century or so? We’re doing to ourselves!

Someone tell me… I don’t know…