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Sitting at the Pilot

in Oak Creek, WI tonight, waiting for the Pilot WiFi folks to fix their connection so I might fly some Internet spaceships tonight.   Seems the local connection is fucked.  The support drone tells me he’ll set me up to bypass the login but it’s taking a while.  Heh, they just got back to me and I have free access for today.  Gotta like good customer service.

I might have loaded up on the Net from my cell phone but I dropped the sucker while I was getting back into my truck after time-at-home.  The "rugged" phone bounced off the fuel tank and impacted the asphalt with enough force to pop the waterproof cover off the back.  No damage to the screen and the thing worked for 2 days after that.  Then it would not charge anymore, making it totally fucking unusable.  Thanks Samsung.

Don’t have the money to get a new one yet so I’ll see if I can get one of the old android phones to work after I get home.  iPhone 4Ss are $29 at Wallyworld but I’ve not decided to get one yet. I’m still hemming and hawing, I most likely won’t get one.  The grandkids are slavering over the latest and greatest products from the Hipster Empire and are planning on getting the new one the instant it comes out.  The thing must shit gold, and therefore be so necessary to their existence.  I guess I’m just too old to see the attraction.

I miss my phone, I use the apps on there a lot more than I thought I did.  The truckstop app is very handy.  And being to log onto Eve Online whenever and wherever I got a cell connection.  I miss that.  And stupid Facebook. 

Got to get back onto my Electronic Leash before our Robotic Overlords discover I’m missing.  I’ve not see a decent LOLcat in days…


On Eve.  The Corporation is still at war, and now one of the corps of the alliance that wardecced us has declared war on us as well.  Fine, whatever.  I’ll just logon the alt and work missions.  He’s in need of an upgrade in his standings while he learns to fly the Retriever. 

Later Again…

Don’t mind me, I’m just testing out some simple word processors.  I’d like to find something that works easy and just generally stays out of my way.   A full screen interface would be nice too.  But so far I’m digging Jarte, a free program that uses WordPad as the engine.  Simple and easy.