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Happy New Year (yawn)

Spending New Year’s at a truckstop in Michigan. As usual. Most times I’ve spent the holiday on the road. It’s always a choice between Christmas and New Year’s and thats a no-brainer for me. New Year’s was fun when I lived in Hawaii. Real fireworks and a party atmosphere for everyone, not just adults drinking themselves insensate. I haven’t been to a nice end of year party in years.

Hopefully this one will be much less stressful as the one time I spent New Year’s at the Schneider OC in Gary, Indiana. I know gunshots when I hear them and I was seriously considering spending the night UNDER my truck or at least inside the building. It sounded like the audio I’ve heard on the news of war zones around the world. What goes up must come down, people! PLEASE, no shooting up in the air, m’kay?

This year I was able to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas at home so I got to spend quality time at home with family and friends. The new trucking company I work for has lots of loads from businesses that don’t necessarily shut down for the holidays. I’ve already spent on Thanksgiving on the road and, trust me, there is nothing more pathetic than eating turkey loaf in a truckstop restaurant. Trust me, I wouldn’t lie to you my imaginary reader! Ugh.

This year I’m far enough away from any urban areas I figure it will be a quiet night. Yawn…