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Analogue Photography in the Digital Age

I’m not going to write out some long winded treatise on the war between film and digital imaging.  I’m pretty damn sure film lost, but it doesn’t have to crawl off and die just yet.  I use film as well as digital. It’s all easy and it’s not hard to get excellent images.

I’ve got an old Canon EOS 630 film body that I got from EBay little more than a year ago.  Paid $19 (plus shipping) and used a little bit of elbow grease to clean up a sticky shutter.  I’ve run dozens of rolls through it since and haven’t had a single failure (other than the “operator” kind) to produce great pictures.  It uses any lens made with a Canon EOS mount.   My sweet sister donated two old zooms to me (thanks, sweetie!), and I’ve been using the snot out of them.  Whereas the fancy digital camera you buy now will be obsolete in a year or too, people are taking great photos on 50 year old film cameras.

As for film, there’s still plenty out there.  You might have to search it out on websites like Adorama, but you can get it.  For low prices you can get good performing negative film (Fuji Superia 400, $7 for five rolls at Walmart), or for a few bucks more, you can get excellent performance from slide film (like Fuji Velvia).  I use negative film because of the ease of getting it developed and scanned at places like Target, getting big clean rich 18 megapixel digital images that I’ve never had issue with.

I’ll have to shoot a lot more rolls before I’ll ever come close to matching the price of a digital SLR able to give me the same images.  I can afford to shoot film and find myself taking more time to make sure the image is right before I take the picture.  I’m still quite the amateur when it comes to photography but even I can see a small improvement in my skills.  A fancy camera does not make you a skilled photographer.  But a photographer with skills can get more out of a good camera than a crappy one.  But a very skilled photographer can get stunning results with a plastic P.O.S. like the Holga.

I don’t have one of those.  I have a Lubitel, though… ;)

And I’m spent…