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Misc Rants #13

The husband of convicted child killer Andrea Yates is suing to block release of crime scene videos to two TV station that requested it. Under Texas law the district attorney’s office must release them.

“The only legitimate public interest in the contents of the videotape was served when it was played for the jury at the criminal trial,” Parnham [lawyer for the husband] said in the lawsuit against Cornyn [Texas Attorney General now running for the Senate]. “To now disseminate that video for commercial, public broadcast can only serve the improper purpose of supporting sensationalism and pandering to voyeuristic interests.”

No shit! It’s unfortunate we have a bunch of fucked up people in this country who get off on pictures and videos of death and destruction. And we also have some equally fucked folks who’ll broadcast anything for ratings and the almighty dollar that comes with them. Remember the P*arl vid?

Gawd, I hate TV…

I love the NYPost headline: DOCS LOOKING UP BUSH. Find any gerbils?

Why all this hoopla and media coverage about this guy’s ass? Enough already! Yeah, so this is only the second time that a veep has become the prez for a little while:

“Ronald Reagan transferred power to Bush’s dad during his eight-hour colon-cancer surgery in July 1987 – but not in March 1987 when Reagan had the colonoscopy checkup that ultimately led to cancer surgery.”

Well, if it’s already happened before, then it’s not NEWS anymore! WHO CARES! And what is it about being president that gives you colon trouble? Hmmm…

Read the report at the Guardian on how Saddam ’staged’ fake baby funerals with the use of freezer and taxi’s. I found the story to be very detailed, factual and a little grisly. Then I found this little piece, presumably the personal opinions of the writer, John Sweeney:

“The dead babies are blamed by Saddam’s regime on cancers and birth defects which first appeared in 1991 and were, it says, caused by depleted uranium weapons. While no one should underestimate the lethality of these weapons and the stupidity of the US military machine, the claim does not make radiological sense. According to Dr Nick Plowman, head of clinical oncology at St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London, the claim ’is ridiculous. It flies in the face of everything learnt from Hiroshima and Nagasaki.’”

I’ve never read this guy before, but I don’t like him much. As always, “unbiased” reporting from those fine folks across the pond…

Premonition about 9/11?

I’m moving some of my old OpenDiary entries to this site and I came across an entry I posted on 9/11/2000 and thought I would repost it (please pardon the language):

I’ve been reading this book by Heinlein called “Friday.” Its a novel set in the not-so-far future where America is balkanized into separate, warring nations and corporations have more power than any country. It’s a great book, I’ll recommend it.

The heroine of the book is “Friday,” a genetically modified human who works as a secret courier for a corporation. She has to make it through a whole bunch of shit, just to survive. Anyways, Robert Heinlein likes to put up his own views and prejudices in the books he writes. Like his great hatred for lawyers and such. And a great belief in the power of the stupidity of people in large groups… a belief that I happen to share.

Farther along in this book, the heroine is asked to research what are the warning signs of a mortally-wounded civilization. And it turns out all these signs can be broken down to one idea: bad manners. When people can’t take even a little bit of their time to treat other folks decently, everything else goes downhill from there.

Are we seeing this kind of shit in the world today? You bet your ass we are! People can’t even say hello to each other on a fucking elevator anymore. You talk to a stranger on the street, you’ll at the least get a rude reply back, or at worst gunned down. All these little incidents of rudeness and bad manners, build up into the hostile world we live in now… You be nasty to me, I take that nastiness, add my own contribution and pass it on to the next sucker I see… See how it builds up?

So I guess this is the way the world we are living in now is going to be… Are we all just totally screwed?

What can we do? Is it too late to do anything about it? I think so… I think it was too late the day that the world leaders thought a world wide warfare was a good thing and thought it was OK to kill the other guy. We obviously didn’t learn from that lesson, we went ahead and had another one, plus a lot of little wars here and there… Did you know there has been NO time since WW One, that somewhere, somebody was not involved in a full-blown war somewhere? Killing their fellow man so that they could have his stuff…

Now, it does not bother us much when we here about four people executed in fast-food joint, after all, they weren’t part of our “group” were they? When the dumb f*cks shot up the high school and then off’ed themselves, if you didn’t live there or have kids there, did you really care? Deep down? I didn’t, so I guess I must be part of the problem. I didn’t live there, I didn’t know any of them. Oh well…

Tell me what you think, but please spare me your sappy-ass stories of how the world is a great place and how people are generally nice. Bullshit! Anything someone can think of in their worst nightmares, happens all the time in some other part of this fucked up world. Anything as sick and as twisted as you can think of people doing to themselves and others, is going on regularly as you read this stupid rant…

I’ll watch all this happening, actually its kind of fun to have a front row seat on the end of civilization. Knowing history the way I do, I’m surprised we haven’t all been slagged years ago. So, I’ll watch the world swirling down the tubes, and maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll get to see the final flush before I die. Hell, I’m no angel, I may even do a few things here and there, my little part to contribute… Every little bit helps.

George Carlin has it right… “Fuck Everybody!!!”

I’ve no idea what precipitated this particular rant but the timing was awfully scary, considering what happened exactly one year later…

Misc Rants #4

Second New Comet May Be Visible in Late April: “On March 18, just as newly found comet Ikeya-Zhang was making its closest approach to the Sun and wowing observers around the Northern Hemisphere, yet another Japanese observer discovered another new comet. This second comet has an outside chance of also becoming visible to the unaided eye later this month.”


Argentine Leader claims right to Falkland Islands: I guess 712 Argentines, 255 Britons and 3 Islanders dead has not disabused his of the notion. Another Falkland War coming up?

Railway to Heaven! The space shuttle Atlantis is going up Thursday to install a 300-foot railway on the International Space Station. This will be a track the CanadaArm will travel back and forth on while building the station.


Saturday Morning Cartoons Are Dying Off: I was never much of a Scooby Doo fan when I was a ankle-biter, and I still ain’t. What I could never understand is why Shaggy, Scooby and Velma had to be running from the evil villains, while Fred and Daphne most likely bopped off to make the Mystery Machine rock for a while…

UPDATE: OH MY GAWD! Another sign of the APOCALYPSE! Live action Scooby Do movie in the works… Life is hell…


Trained to hate: This a quote from Mounir al-Makdah, who along with Abu Muhammad and “Islamic Jihad,” collect the rage of Palestinians and turn them into suicide bombers:

“As long as there is one occupier on Palestinian land, there should not be any security for this occupation and for the Israeli people in their houses, not even in their bedrooms. They shall be a target for all of our freedom fighters no matter where they are on Palestinian land,” he said. “They are not allowed to walk in the streets in peace. They are not even allowed to eat pizza.”

Why are we even dealing with these kind of people. We should be right there with Israel, wiping them out!


Of course I’ve heard of Andrew Beam and his crappy little article in the Boston Globe. There has been lots of retort fired back from the various bloggers I frequent. I’ve only been doing this is about a month, so I just thought I’d cover a few of my favorites…

James Lilek, one of Beams targets says: Conspicuous flaming idiocy is often treated by bloggers like a shank of meat thrown into Blofeld�s pira�a pool (�You Only Live Twice,� my favorite of all the Bond films) but this one just refuted itself; it was like one of those biodegradable camping crap-bags that collects the offal AND returns it to nature.”

Stephen Den Beste: Which proves that even a pro like Beam doesn’t understand the point: it’s not what you talk about that’s important, it’s how you write. A great story teller can describe the most prosaic events and make them spellbinding, whereas a bad writer can put you to sleep while talking about the most important things there are.”

Hawkgirl: “It’s more than a little bit obvious that we bloggers rely heavily on the regular print/internet news. I do, however, believe that it’s come as a bit of surprise to a great many of them that what they do for a living isn’t all that darn special. An Air Force mechanic, a number of lawyers, and a host of others from non-writing professions have proven that they are capable of producing work that has just as much grace, eloquence and wit as a Columbia grad.”

Matt Welch: Alex who?

Lawyer rant #28643…

Quick joke for you… What do you call 500 dead lawyers on the bottom of the ocean? A good start!

Lately on the TV I’ve been hearing these ads that on the surface sound real helpful. They ask you whether you had ever taken a particular drug whether or not you ever had problems with it. It then gives you a nifty 800 number that you could call, seemingly to get some sort of help. Then the kicker: IT’S A LAWYER!

Lawyers are trolling the airwaves looking for folks to make money off of. They find someone who had taken this drug and they figure. “Hey, lets make a few bucks suing whoever made these drugs and take our 50% (or more) cut of the settlement!” What gall! I’ve never been a fan of lawyers and had previously considered them a “necessary evil” in this weird world. but this just kills me! No wonder drugs cost so much in this world… companies have to charge extra just to keep the blood suckers at bay…

About ten years ago I had to take the antibiotic Cipro for a bad infection I had. At the time I wasn’t working someplace where I could get insurance and had to scrape up $3.50 a pill to take this drug twice a day for a month… $100 for a bottle of pills! That was ten years ago, I’m sure it’s much worse by now! Thank the gods I have good insurance now, if I had to pay full price for these drugs (non-generic) that my wife needs everyday, I would be sh*t outta luck!

What a world, what a world…