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Rejoice, rejoice!

Yeah, the laptop is back in operation! Looks like the power supply brick crapped out on me (it was a replacement for the original which also crapped out) and I ordered one from Ebay. There were some third party one available in the stores but they cost 10 time more than what I paid. It came in a few days ago while I was in Florida and I just did a interstate drive-by and got it (and hugs and kisses) from The Wife as I was passing through my hometown. Now I can blog! Now I can use my GPS and mapping program! Yay!

Right now I’m blogging offline using OpenOffice and I’ll upload when I get some Wifi again, whenever that will be. I’m down for the night in Carlisle, IN, waiting for one-half hour prior to sunrise so that I might pull this oversize load through the outskirts of Chicago (got to be out of IL before 1200) and up into Wisconsin. No load scheduled after that (surprise, surprise) but I’ll be able to get a 34 hour break, preferably some place with Internet so that I might waste much time browsing and Twittering.

Rejoice, rejoice! The laptop is back!

My Internet Credentials

A tweet from Michele about how her kid thought she didn’t know what STFU meant and her reply, “I WAS USING INTERNET ACRONYMS WHEN YOU WERE STILL IN DIAPERS, BOY!”, got me to thinking about my own ‘Net credentials. I’m a 46 year old truck driver now, but for many years previous I was neck deep in all things computer-wise. And being a part-time blogger, I figured I’d post about it. Go figure…

Back in the late ’80s I ran a dialup BBS called “Digital Dreams” out of my then employers office. One phone line hooked up to a blazingly fast 2400 baud modem. I even got people to pay for the priviledge of umlimited access (as long as I wasn’t working on that PC at the time). I remember being hooked up to a system (whose name escapes me) whereby my users could send emails and files back and forth with other BBS users all over the world. This was some heavy access to have and way before the Internet was in any way ubiquitous.

That BBS died with the company I was working for and to get my communications fix I tried other online services, first Prodigy (hated it) and then the expensive, but all encompassing (at the time), Compuserve. All done from my work PC. I worked for some very understanding (or ignorant) folks back then.

I never owned my own home PC till the mid ’90s, when I managed to cobble together some old discarded parts of dead and obsolete work machines and get myself a real Frankenstien system. It was an old IBM PS/2 with and aftermarket 386 motherboard and a tiny hard drive that always seemed to be on it’s “last legs.” When dial-up internet finally make its way to our isolated neck of the woods, I bought a new modem and a second phone line and I was hooked.

My first Compuserve web pages are lost to the old bit bucket of time, but some other of my old pages are preserved in Archives.org’s Wayback machine. In 2002 I bought my first domain name (greeblie.com) and ran my own personal web pages on a succession of web providers before I settled at GoDaddy.com. Later I bought my current domain (I figured if anyone is gonna own my name it might as well be me) and have been running these lame pages for a few years now. I still own Greeblie.com but that name has lain fallow for a few years. One of these days I’ll figure out what to do with it.

Now I drive a truck for a living and if I’m not near Wi-Fi, I can still get my fix via my internet-enabled cell phone. In fact, this blog post is being tapped out on the tiny QWERTY keypad of my Samsung Blackjack 2 while sitting at a frozen truckstop in Ohio. And that’s why there are no hyperlinks here. HTML is a pure bitch when you have to go through 5 keystrokes to get to the essential “less than” sign.

There, I guess I feel better now…