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Weekly Tweets for 2009-06-14

  • .@Skezzie Asshole birds were not on duty when I went to my truck at 3AM. Not only are they assholes, they are “slackers” too! ;) in reply to Skezzie #
  • Commencing to play in Chicagoland traffic. Fun, fun, fun. #
  • Our Lady of Perpetual Construction, don’t fail me now… #
  • Up an at ‘em at 3am, its time for me to formally and unconditionally surrender to the Axis of Entropy. Don’t forget to tip your socks… #
  • here I am http://pic.gd/8f5be9 #
  • RT @Greeblie: “here I am http://pic.gd/8f5be9” Tweetphoto doesn’t know where I am… probably the phone. in reply to Greeblie #
  • On the Indiana Toll Road, eastbound – http://twitpic.com/6z9wk #
  • Indiana Toll roads IZOOM “mascot” is female superhero in skintight suit, big knockers and bed head. Those always make me think of concrete. #
  • Started in Milwaukee, picked up in Joliet and delivered in Toledo today. Nice full day of work. Maybe another tomorrow? meh… #
  • Just ate one of the Cup-O-Noodles wife discovered in laundry closet and passed on to me. Tasted like chicken and SOAP! Packaging FAIL! #
  • @Skezzie Hi Dad! Twitter Note: Preface your tweets with @Greeblie when they’re directed to me, otherwise I don’t see them for a few days ;) in reply to Skezzie #
  • .@Skezzie Terry just reported 1000s of bird settling for the night in some trees behind the complex. Migration, I guess. Get the birdfeeder! in reply to Skezzie #
  • .@TerenceSmelser You getting back behind the wheel soon? in reply to TerenceSmelser #
  • @TerenceSmelser Hope you get setup where you want to be. Good thing about truck driving, you can work for just about anyone, if a jobs there in reply to TerenceSmelser #
  • @TerenceSmelser The converse of that means the rest of the world is safer if you’re not “concentrated” in one place too long ;) in reply to TerenceSmelser #
  • @TerenceSmelser A damn good thing! Well, Mista T, I gotta crash now. I’m going blind from… soap… poisoning! Won’t they be sorry then ;) in reply to TerenceSmelser #

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Back in the Saddle

On the road now and I’m feeling better. As soon as I get used to truck driving again. I usually feel a little worn out the first day back after a couple of days at home, well this time I went two weeks at home before I was able to run again. I’m bushed! And the load I picked up and tarped hasn’t helped. Got to get my “road legs” back again.

My wife was literally in the process of kissing me goodbye when the call came in for my current load. A quick trip to Kentucky to pickup some factory machinery going to Ohio (with a side trip back through the house to pickup my forgotten shower bag. I’ve gone three weeks without showering once… ONCE. Not a pretty picture…).

So I’ve got a 12′ tall load of unidentifiable machinery (even the folks that loaded it didn’t know what it was) that had to be tarped. I was seriously dreading wrestling canvas over these tall oblong suckers, but lucky for me, the three folks who loaded it also helped me tarp it too. Which made a half hour job out of a several hour job if I’d had to do it myself. I thanked them profusely (they are one of the few who have EVER helped me tarp) and trundled off toward Ohio.

A quick stop at Leavenworth, Indiana for some lunch and some easy driving have gotten me to Ohio, about an hour short of my delivery spot. I’ve gone down for the night at the pickle park (rest area for you non-truckers) and after a quick bite and a potty break, I’m off to bed. I have no set delivery time tomorrow and they haven’t set me up with my next load yet, so I imagine they’ll get it around 0900. Then off to the nearest Pilot to fuel up and get some money.

Good night, everyone!

Sucker for a Meme #3

I’m even later to the party than Jay G but I thought I might play along. I’m not tagging anyone either but if this moves you to do one yourself, let me know.

100 Thing You Have Done.

  1. Started your own blog. (Back in 2001 I posted my first drivel on a blogspot blog.).
  2. Slept under the stars. (Lots of camping in my youth.)
  3. Played in a band.
  4. Visited Hawaii. (Lived there for five years, in fact.)
  5. Watched a meteor shower. (Many times, usually in the cold clear skies of winter.)
  6. Given more than you can afford to charity.
  7. Been to Disneyland. (Actually DisneyWorld twice. First time when I was in the Navy.)
  8. Climbed a mountain. (Only while driving my truck…)
  9. Held a praying mantis. (Then I lost track of him, I found him an hour later, he’d been sitting on my head the whole time!)
  10. Sang a solo. (Does Karaoke count?)
  11. Bungee jumped. (whaddayou, crazy?)
  12. Visited Paris. (Italy, Spain, Sri Lanka, Kenya, England, Scotland, but never Paris unless you mean the one in Texas.)
  13. Watched a lightning storm at sea. (While in the Navy, over the North Sea, I think.)
  14. Taught yourself an art from scratch. (Photography, I guess.)
  15. Adopted a child.
  16. Had food poisoning. (Everytime I eat at a TA truckstop…)
  17. Walked to the top of the Statue of Liberty. (No, but walked to the top of the Scot Monument in Edinburgh.)
  18. Grown your own vegetables. (Ended up with TONS of tomatoes. I love tomatoes, but not that much.)
  19. Seen the Mona Lisa in France.
  20. Slept on an overnight train. (The only train I’ve EVER been one is a touristy one in Strasbourg, PA.)
  21. Had a pillow fight. (As a kid.)
  22. Hitch hiked.
  23. Taken a sick day when you’re not ill. (Here’s the point where I say, No comment.)
  24. Built a snow fort. (In a cemetary in Virginia.)
  25. Held a lamb.
  26. Gone skinny dipping. (Once, with the wife.)
  27. Run a Marathon. (Not this smoker, but I did a 16 mile “Walk for the Whales” when I was a kid.)
  28. Ridden in a gondola in Venice.
  29. Seen a total eclipse. (First one was in Hawaii.)
  30. Watched a sunrise or sunset. (Too many to recount, love them.)
  31. Hit a home run. (I’ve always sucked at baseball.)
  32. Been on a cruise. (If four years in the Navy and two trips halfway around the world count.)
  33. Seen Niagara Falls in person.
  34. Visited the birthplace of your ancestors. (Well, my ancestors are from Indiana, so I guess so…)
  35. Seen an Amish community. (Near Lancaster, PA.)
  36. Taught yourself a new language. (I’ve taken stabs at learning Spanish, to no avail.)
  37. Had enough money to be truly satisfied. (As long as a have a place to live and food to eat, I’m satisfied.)
  38. Seen the Leaning Tower of Pisa in person.
  39. Gone rock climbing.
  40. Seen Michelangelo’s David.
  41. Sung karaoke. (With enough booze, anything is possible…)
  42. Seen Old Faithful geyser erupt.
  43. Bought a stranger a meal at a restaurant.
  44. Visited Africa. (Shore leave in Mombasa, Kenya. Lovely place, really)
  45. Walked on a beach by moonlight. (Once on the East Coast watching a comet, many times in Hawaii.)
  46. Been transported in an ambulance. (Cut up my finger in the hydraulics of a school bus door as a kid.)
  47. Had your portrait painted.
  48. Gone deep sea fishing.
  49. Seen the Sistine Chapel in person.
  50. Been to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. (What’s all this bias toward all things french?)
  51. Gone scuba diving or snorkeling. (In Haunama Bay, also in Hawaii (of course).)
  52. Kissed in the rain.
  53. Played in the mud. (Just last week… ;) )
  54. Gone to a drive-in theater. (Last one was in Memphis, TN, twenty plus years ago.)
  55. Been in a movie. (But only on Super 8.)
  56. Visited the Great Wall of China.
  57. Started a business.
  58. Taken a martial arts class.
  59. Visited Russia.
  60. Served at a soup kitchen.
  61. Sold Girl Scout Cookies. (I didn’t know I could!!)
  62. Gone whale watching.
  63. Got flowers for no reason.
  64. Donated blood, platelets or plasma. (Only once, I’m allergic to needles and chickenshit besides.)
  65. Gone sky diving. (See #11.)
  66. Visited a Nazi Concentration Camp.
  67. Bounced a check. (Not on purpose!!)
  68. Flown in a helicopter. (No but I was shot off an aircraft carrier’s catapult.)
  69. Saved a favorite childhood toy.
  70. Visited the Lincoln Memorial.
  71. Eaten Caviar. (Once, hated it…)
  72. Pieced a quilt.
  73. Stood in Times Square.
  74. Toured the Everglades.
  75. Been fired from a job. (Yep, and I deserved it.)
  76. Seen the Changing of the Guards in London. (More shore leave fun.)
  77. Broken a bone. (Never, I drink lotsa milk…)
  78. Been on a speeding motorcycle. (Right before it tried to kill me.)
  79. Seen the Grand Canyon in person.
  80. Published a book.
  81. Visited the Vatican.
  82. Bought a brand new car. (Never, in all my years, have I bought new…)
  83. Walked in Jerusalem. (But I walked in Memphis, my feet ten feet offa Beale…)
  84. Had your picture in the newspaper.
  85. Read the entire Bible.
  86. Visited the White House.
  87. Killed and prepared an animal for eating. (Fish only.)
  88. Had chickenpox. (Or so I’m told…)
  89. Saved someone’s life.
  90. Sat on a jury.
  91. Met someone famous. (Jack Lord of Hawaii 50 fame, Hairiest knuckles I’ve ever seen on a human! A few years ago saw Dawn Wells (Maryann) at a book signing in a grocery store (how the mighty have fallen).)
  92. Joined a book club. (Science Fiction Book Club, if that counts.)
  93. Lost a loved one. (too many…)
  94. Had a baby. (Now, THAT would be a trick…)
  95. Seen the Alamo in person.
  96. Swam in the Great Salt Lake. (No, but I’ve seen it in person.)
  97. Been involved in a law suit.
  98. Owned a cell phone. (A must-have in my work.)
  99. Been stung by a bee. (A few times, I’m slightly allergic, but no bad incidents, just more annoying than anything else.)
  100. Read an entire book in one day.(Lotsa. I’m a reading fool…)