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A Long Day

and continuing my habit lately of being late, I arrive at the receiver 28 hour late because of the breakdown I had a couple days ago with the air system on my truck.  The load was never rescheduled and no one else was available to pick it up, so I still had to do it.  Joy…  At least I’m currently in the dock, getting unloaded.

Then it’s home time, but probably not tonight.  In the morning, for sure.

Happy New Year (yawn)

Spending New Year’s at a truckstop in Michigan. As usual. Most times I’ve spent the holiday on the road. It’s always a choice between Christmas and New Year’s and thats a no-brainer for me. New Year’s was fun when I lived in Hawaii. Real fireworks and a party atmosphere for everyone, not just adults drinking themselves insensate. I haven’t been to a nice end of year party in years.

Hopefully this one will be much less stressful as the one time I spent New Year’s at the Schneider OC in Gary, Indiana. I know gunshots when I hear them and I was seriously considering spending the night UNDER my truck or at least inside the building. It sounded like the audio I’ve heard on the news of war zones around the world. What goes up must come down, people! PLEASE, no shooting up in the air, m’kay?

This year I was able to spend both Thanksgiving and Christmas at home so I got to spend quality time at home with family and friends. The new trucking company I work for has lots of loads from businesses that don’t necessarily shut down for the holidays. I’ve already spent on Thanksgiving on the road and, trust me, there is nothing more pathetic than eating turkey loaf in a truckstop restaurant. Trust me, I wouldn’t lie to you my imaginary reader! Ugh.

This year I’m far enough away from any urban areas I figure it will be a quiet night. Yawn…

Busy Weekend at Home

Saturday we went out to wander around downtown Evansville a bit. I was hoping for a little bit of goings-on but the place was nearly deserted. A couple of restaurants where open but that was about it. With the nearby Frog Follies going on I figured and old car or two might show up, but no such luck. It’s not true that they roll up the sidewalks after 5 PM, it just looks like it. Took some pictures of the architecture, will post a few when I get the film developed. Yes, I still shoot film!

Sunday it was off to a friends house to chow down on my belated birthday meal of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and an excellent butternut squash casserole. It was all good and mighty tasty. Loved hanging out with my wife, Terry, and our friends and their sweet, noisy kids. Can’t wait to do it again, but next time I come home I think Terry and I will just spend the weekend at home, snuggling. Come Sunday night, I was completely worn out.

Here’s a picture or two I uploaded to Flickr. I’ve been on a kick doing 3D pictures using the old Kodak digital camera, the “cha-cha” method (whick involves taking two separate pics, shift your weight and viewpoint between them) and a piece of software called StereoPhoto Maker and the instructions here: http://www.neilcreek.com/blog/2008/03/21/how-to-take-3d-photos/.  My technique needs work and the results are a bit spotty but I’ll work on it.

This is viewed cross-eyed for those who can do it. Suprisingly, I ran into quite a few people who can’t.

Weekly Tweets for 2009-05-24

  • (beep beep beep) Mrrgghhff… wha? Morning already? Dammit! Whoever invented the concept of time should be hoisted by his own entrails… #
  • On the road heading to corn country, IA. Taking the slow way… Damn Illinois and their split speed limit and their sneaky LEOs. ;) #
  • Crawling pass St. Louis on I270. Been in 2nd gear for a half hour… http://twitpic.com/5hr1z #
  • RT @IMAO_: “I’ve always said the biggest problem with automobiles today is that too many poor people own them. #tcot” harrumph! in reply to IMAO_ #
  • RT @Land_Line_Mag: “I-75 truck blitz WED! KY, OH and MI cops watching for speeders, lane changing, tailgating, licensing cred.” in reply to Land_Line_Mag #
  • Pause for lunch on the way to MO. Some nice quesadillas from Hardees, of all places. Got to head toward St. Louis now #
  • Just popped into the CD: My Brother The Cow, from Mudhoney! Borrowed if from the library last time I was home. Driving music? we’ll see… #
  • RT @IMAO_: “”Nothing lamer than a lemur!” #annoyalemur” Lemurs stink and have no friends. Stupid Lemurs… in reply to IMAO_ #
  • @SubEWL “Trigger finger in barrel?” Either a large caliber gun or small fingers… Safety first! ;) in reply to SubEWL #
  • RT @sween: “Yo momma’s so stupid the Washington Generals came *this close* to beating her.” lol! in reply to sween #
  • RT @cklouis: “there are four baby ducklings in my apartment right now. They shit more than three chinese kids.” Why baby ducks? #
  • @Heydriver Slow in the lowboy heavy haul business. people aren’t buying a lot of heavy equipment now… in reply to Heydriver #
  • @Heydriver yeah, RGN biz is slow. spent 4 days in SC waiting for freight last week. and its hard dealing with folks only open 8 to 5… in reply to Heydriver #
  • @Heydriver my company doesn’t pay layover anymore except for weekends. gotta be done, I guess… in reply to Heydriver #
  • @FartSandwich A multi dimensional hat tilt will also raise your doucheosity. And don’t forget the Ubiquitous Red Cup! ;) in reply to FartSandwich #
  • @TruckerDesiree Karma is smiling at you. cute! in reply to TruckerDesiree #
  • On the outskirts of the wonderful burg of Granite City, IL. Local attractions? Apparently truck stops, warehouses and factories. Location x3 #
  • Spent last 4 hours hanging out, waiting for big PM on the truck. Went to find nearby Walmart Supercenter… Google Maps LIED! #
  • @Korv_N Mudhoney CD turned out not so good. I’m sure they did better work. After that was Offspring, great driving music! #
  • @Korv_N BTW: I’ll check out those music recommendations when I get back to GAWDS country… ;) #
  • @gypsyhooker Madison, IL near East St Louis. I gave up on the search, I was driving the company car and knew others were waiting… in reply to gypsyhooker #
  • @gypsyhooker I’ll try to remember that. Next time I’ll just ask you! Seriously, thanks. in reply to gypsyhooker #
  • @slackadjusterr Was looking for a WallyWorld with food in it… I returned defeated and in shame… ;) in reply to slackadjusterr #

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Back in the Saddle

On the road now and I’m feeling better. As soon as I get used to truck driving again. I usually feel a little worn out the first day back after a couple of days at home, well this time I went two weeks at home before I was able to run again. I’m bushed! And the load I picked up and tarped hasn’t helped. Got to get my “road legs” back again.

My wife was literally in the process of kissing me goodbye when the call came in for my current load. A quick trip to Kentucky to pickup some factory machinery going to Ohio (with a side trip back through the house to pickup my forgotten shower bag. I’ve gone three weeks without showering once… ONCE. Not a pretty picture…).

So I’ve got a 12′ tall load of unidentifiable machinery (even the folks that loaded it didn’t know what it was) that had to be tarped. I was seriously dreading wrestling canvas over these tall oblong suckers, but lucky for me, the three folks who loaded it also helped me tarp it too. Which made a half hour job out of a several hour job if I’d had to do it myself. I thanked them profusely (they are one of the few who have EVER helped me tarp) and trundled off toward Ohio.

A quick stop at Leavenworth, Indiana for some lunch and some easy driving have gotten me to Ohio, about an hour short of my delivery spot. I’ve gone down for the night at the pickle park (rest area for you non-truckers) and after a quick bite and a potty break, I’m off to bed. I have no set delivery time tomorrow and they haven’t set me up with my next load yet, so I imagine they’ll get it around 0900. Then off to the nearest Pilot to fuel up and get some money.

Good night, everyone!

Family Time

Got to spend time with my family. Saw both of my sisters, both of my nieces and the older ones husband, and Got to spend more time with my mom. She wasn’t feeling too well, my stepfather gave her a cold he’d been working on for a while.

No work for me until at least Monday, I want to make sure that next year I save my vacation time for Christmas. Running these RGN trailers made for even less choice when it comes to loads. No one who needs a low-boy trailer needs it bad enough to pay for someone to run it during this time of year. And most of the businesses I haul for are closed, anyways.

More later…