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On This Date in 1958 – Atom Bomb Goes Missing

Here’s the scoop from TheFreeDictionary’s Encyclopedia.

The Tybee Bomb is a 7,600 pound (3,500 kg) Mark 15 hydrogen bomb that was lost in the waters off Savannah, Georgia on February 5,1958. The bomb was jettisoned during a practice exercise after a B-47 bomber carrying it collided in midair with an F-86 fighter plane. It is presumed lost somewhere in Wassaw Sound off the shores of Tybee Island. The bomb is one of fourteen nuclear weapons known to be missing from the U.S. nuclear arsenal.

It’s still missing, ain’t that grand? Read the rest here.

Amish Heat – Stupid Searches

A great porn site for the really, really hard up: Amish Heat!

“WE HAVE CHICKS WITH STICKS AND HOT BUTTER CHURNING ACTION! All models and cows are 18 years of age or older”

UPDATE: They have moved! — > AMISH HEAT!

Seems I’m getting a few traffic hits from Google for the term “D*niel P*arl V*deo.” If anyone has come here looking to view this snuff film, don’t let the mouse hit you in the ass on your way out. It makes me sick that real human beings are scouring the web, looking to see another human being get their throat cut and their head chopped off. If this what you are here for you are one twisted puke and you need to take your happy ass out of here…

You know what I think? I think that the Second Coming has already happened, like a thousand years ago. The rest of us poor bastards are just marking time, waiting for the ax to fall. Just think, millions of Christians, Jews and Muslims are devoutly praying, living the holy life and still looking for GAWD to come back and save them. Well, good luck to you.

I think GAWD grabbed the folks he wanted back in 1000 AD and said to hell with the rest of you. I guess He just didn’t bother letting us know we were S.O.L. as he went out the door. Or if he did, it’s been lost to history.

Why am I flaming GAWD when I call myself an “atheist?” Well, I’m either an atheist or an agnostic, depending on how pissed off I am at the time I’m asked…

Star Wars all over again…

I’ve yet to see the Episode 2 Star Wars movie yet, I’ve seen that a lot of people in the Blogosphere have already lined up, seen the flick and reported back. Overall their reviews are favorable so I guess it might be worth my time to see it. I’ll probably go in the next few days. My wife wouldn’t go with me (she hates scifi) so maybe my sister or brother-in-law might. I just hate trying to get into movies on opening day. I’m not that much of a social gadfly that I HAVE to see it NOW because all my friends have already seen it and if I HAVEN’T SEEN IT, well then, we’ve got nothing to talk about:

“Wasn’t Attack of the Clones great! I like the Yoda fighting parts best! What did you like best about it?”

“Uh, I haven’t seen it yet…”

And then we stand around in the awkward silence, me thinking, “He must think I’m a moron.” And him thinking, “What a moron!”

Back in 1977, I was living in Hawaii and I was about 15. I got news of the great, new flick called “Star Wars” that everyone else had seen and liked. So I figured I’ll try to see it. It was playing at a place called the Royal Hawaiian Theater (or maybe just the Hawaii Theater), an old ’40s looking movie house with a huge screen, fake coconut trees on the sides this neat projected effect that made stars and clouds move across the ceiling. The whole thing to make you think you were outdoors, I guess. It also had a state of the art (for the ’70s) sound system. The year before I’d seen Midway in Sensurround and it was deafening and great fun.

Dad dropped me off to see the matinee and I sat down to see the show. The last thing I remember seeing was the Imperial Cruiser coming over the top of the screen and then I went into full sensory overload! I loved the movie, it really blew me away! But when Dad asked me to explain the plot, I couldn’t! I had to see it a second time just to figure it out!

I had seen Phantom Menace the night it came out in 1999, having waited many years for it was disappointed, so I figure Episode Two can wait a few days more for my viewing it.

Premonition about 9/11?

I’m moving some of my old OpenDiary entries to this site and I came across an entry I posted on 9/11/2000 and thought I would repost it (please pardon the language):

I’ve been reading this book by Heinlein called “Friday.” Its a novel set in the not-so-far future where America is balkanized into separate, warring nations and corporations have more power than any country. It’s a great book, I’ll recommend it.

The heroine of the book is “Friday,” a genetically modified human who works as a secret courier for a corporation. She has to make it through a whole bunch of shit, just to survive. Anyways, Robert Heinlein likes to put up his own views and prejudices in the books he writes. Like his great hatred for lawyers and such. And a great belief in the power of the stupidity of people in large groups… a belief that I happen to share.

Farther along in this book, the heroine is asked to research what are the warning signs of a mortally-wounded civilization. And it turns out all these signs can be broken down to one idea: bad manners. When people can’t take even a little bit of their time to treat other folks decently, everything else goes downhill from there.

Are we seeing this kind of shit in the world today? You bet your ass we are! People can’t even say hello to each other on a fucking elevator anymore. You talk to a stranger on the street, you’ll at the least get a rude reply back, or at worst gunned down. All these little incidents of rudeness and bad manners, build up into the hostile world we live in now… You be nasty to me, I take that nastiness, add my own contribution and pass it on to the next sucker I see… See how it builds up?

So I guess this is the way the world we are living in now is going to be… Are we all just totally screwed?

What can we do? Is it too late to do anything about it? I think so… I think it was too late the day that the world leaders thought a world wide warfare was a good thing and thought it was OK to kill the other guy. We obviously didn’t learn from that lesson, we went ahead and had another one, plus a lot of little wars here and there… Did you know there has been NO time since WW One, that somewhere, somebody was not involved in a full-blown war somewhere? Killing their fellow man so that they could have his stuff…

Now, it does not bother us much when we here about four people executed in fast-food joint, after all, they weren’t part of our “group” were they? When the dumb f*cks shot up the high school and then off’ed themselves, if you didn’t live there or have kids there, did you really care? Deep down? I didn’t, so I guess I must be part of the problem. I didn’t live there, I didn’t know any of them. Oh well…

Tell me what you think, but please spare me your sappy-ass stories of how the world is a great place and how people are generally nice. Bullshit! Anything someone can think of in their worst nightmares, happens all the time in some other part of this fucked up world. Anything as sick and as twisted as you can think of people doing to themselves and others, is going on regularly as you read this stupid rant…

I’ll watch all this happening, actually its kind of fun to have a front row seat on the end of civilization. Knowing history the way I do, I’m surprised we haven’t all been slagged years ago. So, I’ll watch the world swirling down the tubes, and maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll get to see the final flush before I die. Hell, I’m no angel, I may even do a few things here and there, my little part to contribute… Every little bit helps.

George Carlin has it right… “Fuck Everybody!!!”

I’ve no idea what precipitated this particular rant but the timing was awfully scary, considering what happened exactly one year later…

Misc Rants #1

Mini Review: A History of the American People, by Paul Johnson.

A great piece of work. Paul Johnson, a Britisher, covers American History from the first settlements in America to Bill Clinton and covers every aspect of American life. Not just the views of the history makers but the stories, letters, and conversations of ordinary people whose lives shaped America as we know it. The author is very opinionated, but he can back every opinion up.

Want to know what America is really all about? Get this book! You’ll learn things here they are cutting out of your textbooks


Jess Jackson is now shaking down GE for money, because there was a “dearth of minority banks” involved in GE’s recent bond offering. Blackmail time again…


Thanks VodkaPundit for leading me to the epitome of dead blogs. “It was coughing up blood last night…”


Oh, I almost forgot… I guess the Hollyweird residents have been having their self-congratulatory annual circle jerk they call “The Oscars.”


Too bad there were no massive 8.9 earthquakes out there in SoCal at the same time. Could you imagine how much better the world would be if all those Hollywonks were removed from the gene pool at the same time? Ah… I can dream, can’t I?


Steinem Blames White Male Dominance for Church Sex Scandal, Hitler and 9-11: My favorite “bitch-with-balls”, Gloria says:

“The cult of masculinity is the basis of every violent, fascist regime. � We need to raise our sons more like our daughters, with empathy, flexibility, patience and compassion. These so-called feminine qualities are present in men as much as women, and it’s a libel on men to say they’re not.”


Israel Plans Big Assault If Truce Talks Fail: It’s about time, I think. I’m just surprised they have not already done this. My guess the only thing that’s been holding them back is the US and the fact that Sharon is the Only Peacenik left in Israel. Besides, as long as Arafat won’t stop the suicide bombers he won’t be able to get to any peace talks.

I’m not a big fan of war, but sometimes it’s necessary to have one. If the US had not been involved in WW2, we would never have grown into the superpower we are now! If our ancestors had not make war with the Brits, we’d still be a colony. The only way now that Israel will have peace is to push the Palestinians out of Israel and destroy their capability to do them harm.

Oh wait a minute, that sounds like US’s “War On Terrorism” don’t it. Why does everyone want the Israelis to give peace a chance, a fifteenth, thirtieth, one hundredth chance? How many times do you have to be kicked in the crotch by a punk before you stomp them flat?

Oy, kick ass, already…