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I Certainly Don’t Come Here For The Service…

What is it with the new Denny’s restaurants they’ve been putting in all the Pilot and Flying J truckstops? The food is cheap and good enough but the service has consistently sucked ass ever since they converted the the J’s Country Markets to Denny’s. Tonight was the worst service I’ve ever had.  But what can I really expect, it is, after all, a Denny’s. And now they’ve gained the dubious attribute of becoming a Truckstop Restaurant. Double damned, if you ask me.

The whole staff managed to funk up my dining experience.  he Manager got into the act by bringing me the wrong plate. The “cooks” undercooked the hash browns and the cheese and the weird tasting sausage in it were cold.  The server stopped by with the right plate, asked if I needed anything and then got lost.

Ten minutes later I’m in the process of chowing down and the server comes back and does that stupid thing that most servers do. She dropped the check and while my mouth was full of food, asked if everything was OK! I managed a thumbs up and them she VANISHED! No refills, no bussing of dirty dishes, not a sign of concern for my customer satisfaction! I HATE when they do that!

At meals end I head to the cash register to pay up and then stand there like a dork for five minutes in plain view of the Manager and the entire room until said Manager broke off the deep meaningful conversation she was having with another customer and waved over a different server to take my plastic and my John Hancock.

Thats my sad tale of woe. I’d hoped to sit there in the quarter-full restaurant sucking down ice teas and browsing the web on my Android, but I got disgusted and left. Will I ever go back? Probably. I shouldn’t let the crap bother me but when I only eat out once or twice a month…

Waahh, waahh, waahh… whatever.