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Busy Weekend at Home

Saturday we went out to wander around downtown Evansville a bit. I was hoping for a little bit of goings-on but the place was nearly deserted. A couple of restaurants where open but that was about it. With the nearby Frog Follies going on I figured and old car or two might show up, but no such luck. It’s not true that they roll up the sidewalks after 5 PM, it just looks like it. Took some pictures of the architecture, will post a few when I get the film developed. Yes, I still shoot film!

Sunday it was off to a friends house to chow down on my belated birthday meal of fried chicken, macaroni and cheese and an excellent butternut squash casserole. It was all good and mighty tasty. Loved hanging out with my wife, Terry, and our friends and their sweet, noisy kids. Can’t wait to do it again, but next time I come home I think Terry and I will just spend the weekend at home, snuggling. Come Sunday night, I was completely worn out.

Here’s a picture or two I uploaded to Flickr. I’ve been on a kick doing 3D pictures using the old Kodak digital camera, the “cha-cha” method (whick involves taking two separate pics, shift your weight and viewpoint between them) and a piece of software called StereoPhoto Maker and the instructions here: http://www.neilcreek.com/blog/2008/03/21/how-to-take-3d-photos/.  My technique needs work and the results are a bit spotty but I’ll work on it.

This is viewed cross-eyed for those who can do it. Suprisingly, I ran into quite a few people who can’t.

From Rome to Charlotte

I’m at the Flying Hook in Rock Hill, SC, waiting for Monday to roll around. Up to now it had been a fairly busy week for me. Now that all my loads are done, I wasn’t left with one that would get me through the weekend. I’ll have to wait until Monday and maybe I’ll get a load then. (Included in this blog post are some pics I took, not necessarily corresponding to the text they are near…)

Last Monday, I picked up a rust bucket truck from Rome, NY. I was supposed to pick it up on Saturday and run all weekend but upon arrival Saturday, I discovered that the truck would not run, and there were no people at the auction yard… at all! The only person there was another driver who helped me try to diagnose the crappy truck I was tasked to deliver to Rockford, IL. Neither of us had any luck, and Extended Support said that the consignee wasn’t going to mess with getting someone out to help until Monday.

On that day, a wrecker showed up, the guy tried to diagnose the truck and failed so we used his truck to get the crappy truck loaded on my trailer. This went really fast, but I was still there another hour, trying my best to get the height down to legal and getting everything tied down. The truck was so seriously rusty that I was afraid to crank down on the chains, lest I break that fucker in half!

Tuesday saw the truck safely delivered to Rockford, IL, even though they had to use another truck to unload the crappy one. Then it was off to MI to load a 25,000 lb forklift from a steel mill that was almost abandoned going to another in AR, which apparently was doing better. When I got there Wednesday, it turned out the forklift was more like 55,000 lbs and there was no way that I could take it, I didn’t have enough axles for the weight. That would have been the heaviest thing I ever hauled, but now I know my upper limit. So its back to the truckstop to await another load which didn’t come until Thursday.

A short trip to Kalamazoo, MI got me to pick up a very light load which turned out to be pieces of a bus shelter that were going to downtown Charlotte, NC, and would end up on the roof of a 10 story building as a trellis for a garden. The plan was to have it delivered on Monday morning but the folks at the shipper took it upon themselves to see if I could deliver by Friday, and surprisingly the consignee agreed! Very nice of them, otherwise I would be waiting here with a load I could not deliver instead of not having a load at all. There is a difference and that difference shows up in my paycheck.

I ran as fast and as hard as I could to get to downtown Charlotte where I waited about 45 minutes for a spot to clear up in the center of the construction chaos for me to unload. When I finally got there and unstrapped I was asked to take it to the construction yard instead. Apparently there was too many bags of dirt and granite pieces on the roof to make room for my load. Eventually, I was completely unloaded and free.

I popped down to a local truckstop, had some really nice enchiladas with rice and beans, and awaited any chance of a load coming up before quitting time in Green Bay. No luck, so I ran a half hour south to be here, where at least I got WiFi, so I sit and wait some more… and that’s where I am.

Day 2 of NC to CA and Flickr Faves

I’d like to have taken lots of pictures as I was hauling ass from TN to my place for the night in OK, but the scenery was just too boring and I was more interested in getting as many miles as I could in before sunset.

The only comment I have on today’s driving is an observation on the way the interstate exits are screwed up around Memphis. I was travelling westbound on I-40 heading from the AR border when I came to the place where I-240 splits from I-40 and heads south. If you want to stay on I40 west, you have to get into the second lane from the far left and then curve north (right) to go under 240, which heads south!  Seems to me if you were heading west and wanted to go north, you’d bear to the right. Go south and you’d bear to the left! Nope. Not in Memphis.

This weird behavior is repeated when I240 joins back up with I40 close to the border, bear left to go right. Thats as about as smart as those right turns New Jersey makes you do in order to make a left. Aye, aye, aye…

Like I said, no pictures taken but let me share a few of my faves from from other photographers on Flickr. First, from Emery_Way, is this pup joyously happy or or trying to fly?


This one looks very happy to pose for Valentines Day…

Here’s the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen on a dog… From Tobyotter

And from Nelson Cruz, the biggest tongue!!

You can tell I like dogs, huh? If you like these pics, click on them, go to the photographers flickr page and tell them! I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

Shot On Film, New Pics

The pictures in the set were all shot on film with my trusty Canon EOS 630 and various films including Fuji Reala, Kodak BW400CN and Ilford XP2.

I enjoy using this camera. I got it for $19 on EBay and once I cleaned up the shutter, it’s done very well. I use a Canon 28-200 zoom and a Tamron 19-35 zoom. My biggest problem has been getting decent scans from the few outfits out there who still develop film. Target has done the best job so far, but I’ve recently discovered that out good old public library has a scanner that will do film, both 35mm negative, slides and 120 format negatives. I’ll be trying it out next time I’m home.