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If The House Is Rocking…


Just got back inside after grabbing the dog and heading out the door! My twenty year old two story townhouse was ROCKING! Got the dog, couldn’t find the cat, I guess the cat was on it’s own! HOLY SHIT! I’m still shaking!

Nothing on the local TV yet, but then again the soaps are on. TV stations learn real early. Interrupt Soap Operas at your own risk! My wife won’t vote for any president cuz they are always interrupting her SOAPS!

UPDATE: The local news waited for a commercial break to tell me that the quake was felt from Louisville, KY to Lawrenceburg, IL and happened about 12:37pm CDT. No official word yet from the earthquake folks…

UPDATE2: The quake was a 5.0 on the scale and the epicenter was 10 miles NW of Evansville, IN. That’s about 15-20 miles from my house! Also they were careful to tell everyone this quake had no connection to the New Madrid fault system. If that sucker cuts loose the Mississippi will most likely turn into a LAKE!