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WAYBACK: Baby Black and Blues

(Old blog from March 31, 2000 introducing our old dog Teena. She’s on the other side of that bridge now…)

Teena, very attentive

We’ve got a new “baby” here at the ranch, a 2 and a half pound, eight-week old bundle of puppy, a little yap dog rat terrier, called “Teena.” I’ve seen these dogs grown up, they are great jumpers and climbers, and they corner well too!

The Wife decided a few weeks ago to keep an eye out for a new puppy she can baby… We happened to check a pet store that was advertising “Oodles of Poodles” (apparently you only need four to be considered an oodle, I always thought and oodle was more than a bunch but less than a shitload…) when this fat, stubby, little ankle biter caught her eye. Having the rent due in less than a week, I offered to put a deposit on it for her, but once she had the thing out, there was no putting it back…

I laughed my ass off the first time Teena growled and barked at the dobie, a dog who could eat it in two bites if it weren’t such a sweetie…