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Weekly Tweets for 2009-05-24

  • (beep beep beep) Mrrgghhff… wha? Morning already? Dammit! Whoever invented the concept of time should be hoisted by his own entrails… #
  • On the road heading to corn country, IA. Taking the slow way… Damn Illinois and their split speed limit and their sneaky LEOs. ;) #
  • Crawling pass St. Louis on I270. Been in 2nd gear for a half hour… http://twitpic.com/5hr1z #
  • RT @IMAO_: “I’ve always said the biggest problem with automobiles today is that too many poor people own them. #tcot” harrumph! in reply to IMAO_ #
  • RT @Land_Line_Mag: “I-75 truck blitz WED! KY, OH and MI cops watching for speeders, lane changing, tailgating, licensing cred.” in reply to Land_Line_Mag #
  • Pause for lunch on the way to MO. Some nice quesadillas from Hardees, of all places. Got to head toward St. Louis now #
  • Just popped into the CD: My Brother The Cow, from Mudhoney! Borrowed if from the library last time I was home. Driving music? we’ll see… #
  • RT @IMAO_: “”Nothing lamer than a lemur!” #annoyalemur” Lemurs stink and have no friends. Stupid Lemurs… in reply to IMAO_ #
  • @SubEWL “Trigger finger in barrel?” Either a large caliber gun or small fingers… Safety first! ;) in reply to SubEWL #
  • RT @sween: “Yo momma’s so stupid the Washington Generals came *this close* to beating her.” lol! in reply to sween #
  • RT @cklouis: “there are four baby ducklings in my apartment right now. They shit more than three chinese kids.” Why baby ducks? #
  • @Heydriver Slow in the lowboy heavy haul business. people aren’t buying a lot of heavy equipment now… in reply to Heydriver #
  • @Heydriver yeah, RGN biz is slow. spent 4 days in SC waiting for freight last week. and its hard dealing with folks only open 8 to 5… in reply to Heydriver #
  • @Heydriver my company doesn’t pay layover anymore except for weekends. gotta be done, I guess… in reply to Heydriver #
  • @FartSandwich A multi dimensional hat tilt will also raise your doucheosity. And don’t forget the Ubiquitous Red Cup! ;) in reply to FartSandwich #
  • @TruckerDesiree Karma is smiling at you. cute! in reply to TruckerDesiree #
  • On the outskirts of the wonderful burg of Granite City, IL. Local attractions? Apparently truck stops, warehouses and factories. Location x3 #
  • Spent last 4 hours hanging out, waiting for big PM on the truck. Went to find nearby Walmart Supercenter… Google Maps LIED! #
  • @Korv_N Mudhoney CD turned out not so good. I’m sure they did better work. After that was Offspring, great driving music! #
  • @Korv_N BTW: I’ll check out those music recommendations when I get back to GAWDS country… ;) #
  • @gypsyhooker Madison, IL near East St Louis. I gave up on the search, I was driving the company car and knew others were waiting… in reply to gypsyhooker #
  • @gypsyhooker I’ll try to remember that. Next time I’ll just ask you! Seriously, thanks. in reply to gypsyhooker #
  • @slackadjusterr Was looking for a WallyWorld with food in it… I returned defeated and in shame… ;) in reply to slackadjusterr #

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My Top Music Picks

Rebuilding my fauxPod and loading more music from Windows Media Player and thought I’d share a few of my five starred tunes. When I get some real internet access I’ll add some links.

- Baby I Love You (Just Leave Me The Fuck Alone): The Yayhoos. Heard it on the end credits to an otherwise horror movie called “Slither” and it captured my heart.

- Nighttime: Elk City. Beautiful song. I don’t know who the sultry voiced singer is but this song brings me chicken skin every time.

- 39 Lashes: The Cows. Sounds like a punk band being lashed with guitar strings… still attached to the guitar!

- A History Of Drunks: Melvins. A touching story about true love found via an aborted suicide and attempted murder. Kinda tugs on the strings donit?

- Circle Of Power: Soundgarden. As far as I know its Hiro Yamamoto’s only attempt at singing lead. He almost pulls it off…

- Big Fat Pig: Clutch. A moving combination of funk, rock, religion, nursery rhymes and Frank Zappa.

- Astronomy Domine: Pink Floyd. IMHO PF’s best work was their first and this is their first track. This is the song that showcases the 60s for me. A video from a 1967 British show, the commentator is clueless…

- Fistful Of Amphetamines: Cadillac Hitmen. Southwestern surf rock. I can easily imagine these folks jammin’ in the desert and pissing off the Gila Monsters. (can’t seem to find a link…)

Enough for now… Like I said, I’ll track down some links next time I get some WiFi. I CAN blog from my cellphone, just barely.