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I think the idea was

when I got home, I’d be able to replace my fucked up Samsung smartphone (still under contract) with a new one using an upgrade credit from one of my three other lines.  I’ve done this for many years now with no problem so today I went into WallyWorld, noticed that there were selling iPhone 4Ss for 97 cents (plus contract) and decided I’d break my long standing streak of using Android phones and jump on the Shit Happy Apple Bandwagon with both feet. 

But AT&T changed its rules and I can’t do that thing I did before.  OMFG!!!  I came THIS CLOSE to joining the Evil Hipster Empire!  Whew!

Thanks AT&T, you’re the best!

Anyways, the old rooted HTC Inspire is back in action and my Internet Pacifier is firmly plugged back in.  Joy!

Cell Blogging Test…

Been a few days of hard driving after lazing around with no load all weekend. Picking up an overdimensional load going to WI that I only have to get as far as IL and then its home to see Terry. I’m very ready for that.

Trying to learn how to “thumb type” on the the bitty little touch screen keyboard of this HTC Pure. Thank the Gawds of Technology for T9 predictive text, otherwise it would take me hours to just correct the spelling errors my fat thumbs are printing all over this mess.

Now if can just figure a way to get it from the cell phone to the blog. If you’re reading this, I’ve succeeded. Of course, if it didn’t make it, you’ve no farging idea what I’m talking about…