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To GAWD or not to GAWD…

I just heard on Fox News Channel that a federal appeals court in San Francisco has declared that the good old Pledge of Allegiance” is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and cannot be recited in a SCHOOL! What the fuck is going on over there in the Land of the Fruits, Nuts and Flakes?

UPDATE: Court seeks to overturn a 1954 US law that added “under god” to the Pledge. GAWD save us from the Rabid PC Atheist Fundamentalist Morons of the world… Still breaking…

“A profession that we are a nation ’under God’ is identical, for Establishment Clause purposes, to a profession that we are a nation ’under Jesus,’ a nation ’under Vishnu,’ a nation ’under Zeus,’ or a nation ’under no god,’ because none of these professions can be neutral with respect to religion,” Judge Alfred T. Goodwin wrote for the three-judge panel.

Nobody is required to say this thing. Nobody is getting executed if they don’t say it. If you say it in a school, it does NOT mean that the STATE says “HEY, YOU! GOD EXISTS! PRAY YOU HEATHEN BASTARD OR THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA WILL KILL YOU!!” This is massively ignorant. Even me, a half-blind, non-religious, atheist/agnostic blogger puke can see this…

From PejmanPundit: The Ninth Circuit Court in SF is the most overturned court in the country.

BTW: Fox News is “carpet-bombing” this story all over the airwaves. I’ve heard from Dick Morris, “The Judge” (can’t remember his name), Charlie Daniels and even the “atheist,” himself who when asked how he’s gonna protect his family from possible backlash, said he’s “gonna pray” before he caught himself.

I think this guy, this Michael A. Newdow, is one of those breed of PC Atheists who deep down aren’t as sure as they say that there is no GAWD. Because when the shit hits the fan, he’s “gonna pray” (according to the FOXNEWS interview I heard) to keep his family safe. Pray to WHO?

You know what I think? I don’t care if there is a GAWD or not. The Pledge is important to me because I am an American not because it has the words “under god” in there somewhere. If I say the Pledge, I’m not saying I believe in the GAWD of Abe and Jeezus and the ’Postles (or Mohammed or Buddha, etc). Cuz I don’t!

I’m not saying there is no GAWD, either. He’s not revealed himself to me and told me which of the hundreds of religions in the world is the “one, true belief.” So, until I hear from Him, lets just live our own lives and get along with the business of living. Hard enough task in this fucked up world without having to meet somewhere once a week and compare clothes.

I was never raised as a religious person. My folks were (and still) not church-going GAWD-fearing religious people. It was up to me to participate in religion or not. Back in my teen-age years I actually joined up with a church youth group for a school year. I wasn’t looking for something “missing” in my life, I was just into hanging out with my friends. All I really remember is the social aspects of it. GAWD certainly didn’t tap me on the shoulder in church or gave me a vision and “opened my eyes.” Which leaves me to wonder if he was ever really there in that pretty building with the stained glass windows.

I don’t sweat words on a plaque. I don’t live in fear that someone will come to my house one day, put a gun to my head and say “BELIEVE!” I don’t give a rats ass if someone says a prayer in my presence. I could care less that Congress says a benediction every morning. I’ve got a lot of more important worries in this life.

Stolen Numbers

Some dickhead stole my CC numbers from “a website” and the bank canceled my card, that’s why my old web provider kakked my site. Fucking goons… There aren’t any suspicious charges on the card so I doubt anyone had time to use them. Anyways, it will be seven to ten days before I can get a new card and restart the worleywideweb.net site…

But then again, why bother? How may websites does one person need? Maybe I’ll check out the HostMatters provider that Stacy pointed me to, but I notice the plans are a little steeper priced than what this (cheap bastard) blogger is used to.

I need to settle on one name, one site and to hell with anything else. But what name do I keep? Greeblie.com, which I’ve owned the longest? It’s a made up name and so far pretty unique in the web. WorleyWideWeb.net is one I bought to host the WorleyWideWeb list a few years back, it’s unique too, but a little long and unwieldy. Then this morning I was thinking of buying my real name as a dot com. It’s available and cheap and it would really be me… Shit, I don’t know…

Any ideas?

Coughing Up Bytes…

All day long I’ve not been able to get to MT and add any entries. I had some really touching, yet penetrating insights to pass along. I had the solutions to all the social problems in this world on the tip of my tongue. The universe would have beat a path to this blog just to bask in the wisdom that is Dave.

But then I forgot it all as I spent a few hours cursing like a sailor, spanking my modem, trying to get my web provider and my website to respond to my urgent entreaties. Finally I said “FUCK IT!” and went out and spent some money. I’m back now, wisdomless and broke. I hope you’re happy, demon of the internet…

Here I’m doing the BlogSpot people the common decency of helping them off Blogger and onto their own domain (oh yeah, it’s much more reliable) and then my site craps out for no reason. Yeah, I sure look like I know what I’m talking about.

This is one frood that hasn’t the slightest idea where his towel is at!


BlogSpot is all splooey today, none of my favorite blogspot-based blogs are online at the moment. This sounds like a good time to continue my series about getting off BLOG**** and onto your own provider.

After getting a DOMAIN, then you need to go after a web host, someone who will host your new pages on there servers. One of the things you’ll need to think of at this time is what kind of web host software will you be using? If you’ll stick with BLOGGER all you need in a host is FTP access. If you’d like to try the great blog software out there like MoveableType or Greymatter, you’ll have to check out the requirements of the software and search out the features of the host you are looking at. Depending on your software, you might require a CGI-BIN directory and access to PERL. Other software might need PHP, another scripting client. Your software may require other server apps so take all this into account when you search out a host.

There are a few web host review sites out there that let you search by price, platform, etc: Web Host Directory, Host Search, HostIndex.com, HostReview.com and I’m sure there are others. Check them out, read the reviews and see if their service meet your needs. Also don’t forget about BANDWIDTH! If you are running a popular blog you might overrun your quota and end up paying extra above the charges for the web space. These costs can run up quickly so read the fine print.

I’ll not have that problem anytime soon! ;-)

My Experience: Three years ago, I signed up for a cheap host that later turned out to be two 15 year old kids, running a server in their house. They had lied to get setup to accept credit cards. After they went belly-up, I tried a variety of free web services and was pretty much disgusted with all of them.

My first real host was OLM and I was OK with the service but once I got looking around and saw the better prices, I hooked up with FreeHostSpace and paid the extra bucks get rid of the banners. The service was slow, the customer service non-existent and then as I was tracking down a better choice they went out of business. Turned out FreeHostSpace was one of those Hosting Resellers. They buy host space on a real web host ’s servers and resell web sites under there name. They didn’t pay there bills and got unplugged and so did my website.

I moved greeblie.com on the servers of Your-Site and overall I’ve been happy with the level of service and the price but then I heard from DataRAQ, the folks who “hosted” FreeHostSpace and they made me a very good offer. So I revived my worleywideweb.net domain and set it up on DataRAQ and noticed an immediate improvement in speed and access times over Your-Site so I moved the blog to here and here it will stay for a while.

Misc Rants #4

Second New Comet May Be Visible in Late April: “On March 18, just as newly found comet Ikeya-Zhang was making its closest approach to the Sun and wowing observers around the Northern Hemisphere, yet another Japanese observer discovered another new comet. This second comet has an outside chance of also becoming visible to the unaided eye later this month.”


Argentine Leader claims right to Falkland Islands: I guess 712 Argentines, 255 Britons and 3 Islanders dead has not disabused his of the notion. Another Falkland War coming up?

Railway to Heaven! The space shuttle Atlantis is going up Thursday to install a 300-foot railway on the International Space Station. This will be a track the CanadaArm will travel back and forth on while building the station.


Saturday Morning Cartoons Are Dying Off: I was never much of a Scooby Doo fan when I was a ankle-biter, and I still ain’t. What I could never understand is why Shaggy, Scooby and Velma had to be running from the evil villains, while Fred and Daphne most likely bopped off to make the Mystery Machine rock for a while…

UPDATE: OH MY GAWD! Another sign of the APOCALYPSE! Live action Scooby Do movie in the works… Life is hell…


Trained to hate: This a quote from Mounir al-Makdah, who along with Abu Muhammad and “Islamic Jihad,” collect the rage of Palestinians and turn them into suicide bombers:

“As long as there is one occupier on Palestinian land, there should not be any security for this occupation and for the Israeli people in their houses, not even in their bedrooms. They shall be a target for all of our freedom fighters no matter where they are on Palestinian land,” he said. “They are not allowed to walk in the streets in peace. They are not even allowed to eat pizza.”

Why are we even dealing with these kind of people. We should be right there with Israel, wiping them out!


Of course I’ve heard of Andrew Beam and his crappy little article in the Boston Globe. There has been lots of retort fired back from the various bloggers I frequent. I’ve only been doing this is about a month, so I just thought I’d cover a few of my favorites…

James Lilek, one of Beams targets says: Conspicuous flaming idiocy is often treated by bloggers like a shank of meat thrown into Blofeld�s pira�a pool (�You Only Live Twice,� my favorite of all the Bond films) but this one just refuted itself; it was like one of those biodegradable camping crap-bags that collects the offal AND returns it to nature.”

Stephen Den Beste: Which proves that even a pro like Beam doesn’t understand the point: it’s not what you talk about that’s important, it’s how you write. A great story teller can describe the most prosaic events and make them spellbinding, whereas a bad writer can put you to sleep while talking about the most important things there are.”

Hawkgirl: “It’s more than a little bit obvious that we bloggers rely heavily on the regular print/internet news. I do, however, believe that it’s come as a bit of surprise to a great many of them that what they do for a living isn’t all that darn special. An Air Force mechanic, a number of lawyers, and a host of others from non-writing professions have proven that they are capable of producing work that has just as much grace, eloquence and wit as a Columbia grad.”

Matt Welch: Alex who?

US reduces reward on Bin Laden

Oh, Yeah?

A general reportedly asked an Afghan what he could do with $25 million if he helped the United States find Osama Bin Laden. The local replied that the money might be enough to feed his nine children for a year.

Maybe someone up there has some sense. How the heck were these people supposed to know what $25 million is worth? Maybe it takes a couple thousand of whatever the local currency is to buy bread? Do they know how much a flock of sheep is worth? Or a well? I’m sure they do.

I don’t think it will make anyone over there jump up and rat out Osama, but it’s a step in the right direction. Giving someone a reward the can understand, that is…

Here we are again, I’m always messing around with these web pages. I had everything setup through Blogger but I hated all the time that I couldn’t get access. And when I could get access, I had to wait forever for the pages to load, for the changes to show up. Maybe running Greymatter now will be better, it runs on my server, it takes up little space and it’s free (although I will most likely be making them a donation if it works out). Now there might be more news entries, more personal entries and a lot better customization.

All I need now is to get the WorleyWideWeb pages back online and get the worleywideweb.net domain back pointing to this site. It will take a while, but it can be done.