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My guts have been gurgling

and giving me trouble for the past few days now.  I’m back on the road, doing my business, but having to stop so many times is running me late.  I’ve just woke up to discover a beer load that I should have been up for a couple of hours ago. 

Shit.  I hate running nights.

I’ve successfully resisted the siren call of the Hipster Empire and have continued my thralldom to Google by the acquisition of a new Android phone, a Galaxy S3.  I also got a pretty solid case for it that should survive Armageddon, or at least being dropped from my pocket.  We’ll see…  Turned out my other phone was still under warranty and I’ve been paying for insurance, I’ll get that one back to use as a spare or to give out to one of the others whose cell bill I pay.


Running done for the night and finally putting away the InterWebToobs.  Now, lets catch up on some sleep!

Happy 2009: Don’t Drink and Blog

I’m still at home, enjoying the hometime but ready to get back to work. I’ve run out of vacation time so this time off is all unpaid. Must do better planning next time.  If a load does not come up tomorrow, I’m pretty much stuck till Monday…

So I’m blogging and drinking beer but I really wanna drive! Sober, that is…

BTW: New Years resolution? Same as last years… 1024 by 768!