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Off To Work Tomorrow

Hopefully, I’ll be running my truck tomorrow. I’m definitely heading up to the truck in the AM and will be there for the next three weeks. I’m certainly wanting lots of truck loads but I’ll settle for a few.  Just get me moving and making some money.  I can’t do this for another week!

I’ve heard that Schneider, the company that taught me how to drive a truck and employed me for my first two years as a potential “Billy Big Rig,” has shut down it’s training operations and is only hiring experienced drivers now.  When I started in 2004, there was a big need for drivers, not so much now in 2009, especially the way the economy is.

Well, the Schneiders and all the other van pullers are already running, they deals with folks that are usually open 24/7 and very rarely shutdown for extended periods during the Holidays. The folks I pickup for DO shutdown their factories and even then are hit hard by the credit crunch. If people aren’t buying heavy equipment and machinery, I can’t haul it. My low-boy trailer isn’t really good for hauling anything else.

Well, I’m under-employed, but I’m still employed. Now if I can get myself running, I’ll be much better off.

Wish me luck!