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Truckers! Online DAC Report Request Now!

Truckers, its very important to know what’s in your DAC report. The information contained in it, right or WRONG, could affect your future hireability as a truck driver. From Allen Smith of

The DAC Report Services, now known as HireRight, now allows truck drivers to file a dispute online, concerning the placement of false information on their DAC.   Drivers can also request a copy of their DAC Report online.   HireRight DAC Trucking Solutions still operates in the same manner as the former DAC Reporting Services . . . different headquarters . . . same people . . . different name.    Here’s the update information you need:

The link to inquire, the link to dispute. All truckers need to check this out!

UPDATE: 12/29/2009: Received my DAC, lots of information and thankfully, all of it seems correct.

Day 1 of NC to CA

Just closed out the first day of one of the longest trips I’ve had in years. I’m taking a forklift from North Carolina to California. I’ve not been to CA in years and I’ve never hauled an oversized load that far since 2006 when I hauled an excavator from Georgia to Washington state. I’m blogging this from my cell phone, so I’ll keep it brief…

I showed up at the shipper at 0800, right on time. The sky was seriously thinking of dumping rain on me as I was waiting to load up. It waited long enough for them to drive the machine onto the trailer and decided to “give me a bath” as I was tying it down. I told the rain that I had one last night but it was uninterested.

After I got my permits, driving was pretty much uneventful til I got past Charlotte. Somehow some very large pieces of pink fiberglass insulation had been dumped on the road and all the four wheeler were jamming their brakes to avoid it. I was too busy avoiding the four wheeler to notice where the pink stuff had come from. It materialized in the middle of the interstate for all I know! One car had a big wad of fiberglass under his front bumper and engine and unheeding, just kept on going, shedding pink cotton candy for 10 miles before I lost sight of it…

Further on down the road, I noticed that the clouds were moving across the bright blue sky in distinct rows, oriented east-west. George Calling would have said that they looked like grey, loosely formed gorilla turds, and to me, they did.

Halfway through TN, it started sleeting and I was able to find this truckstop at the official “half-hour after sunset” although with the weather it was full dark when I pulled into Baxter, TN and took the last open parking spot, lucky me! As I type this it has started to sleet again and little soggy ice crystals are pelting the fiberglass roof. Looks like it’ll be wet going tomorrow.

Maybe tomorrow night I’ll park somewhere with WiFi and continue this road diary and maybe add some pictures. check back with me on that…

Hanging At The Hook

Get used to long lapses in this (blog) narrative, shit happens and sometimes I get bored with typing in this thing. I’ve finally decided not to feel guilty about it and just type whenever the fuck I feel like it. If nothing else, maybe my typing will improve a bit, but I don’t think I’ll ever get over looking at my fingers instead of the screen… oh, well.

I guess the threat my ancient typing teacher issued to me never stuck. She offered to let me sit on her lap while I typed if it would relax me and make me feel better. She was frail and at least seventy. I never got to sit on her lap but it did take me three tries to pass the most basic typing class that everyone needed to get a degree at Lockyear College. Maybe deep down I was trying to get up on that, undoubtedly, wrinkled lap after all. Or maybe I’ve just always sucked at typing…

Today, I’m hanging out at the Flying J in beautiful Columbia, SC. I’ve been here since yesterday afternoon and I’m about 100 miles from my delivery appointment in Charleston at 1100. I’m hauling an armored military truck that has to be there in a hurry, but not much of a hurry because they weren’t too damn interested in getting me a better appointment time. The guy I loaded from expressed mild shock that they weren’t unloading on the weekends, being that these loads were supposedly critical. “Oh, hell no,” was the reply from whoever was of the phone when I asked if they had weekend appointments.

I’m also taking the time to update/upgrade/maintain the laptop to the latest and greatest, while I’ve got a decent connection. Hunkered down in one of those booths next to the gameroom and irritating noises and repetitive tunes issue forth at irregular times.

Later – Another driver sitting nearby, also with a laptop, has taken the initiative and killed the noisiest of the game machines, he just turned it off! Why didn’t I think of that?

I’ve read all my RSS feeds, Twitter is boring me, and I’ve got nothing else going on. I can’t watch DVDs because my laptop’s CD/DVD drive is dead, dead, deadski. If I can spare a few bucks this week, I really need to buy a replacement. On Ebay, they’re going for around $20-$25 plus shipping.

I give up. Maybe a nap is in order…

Stopped for Repairs

Hanging out at Gary, truck repaired, waiting for a load out of here. The Qualcomm just beeped after I sent a query. The “read-me-now” lite on the dashboard isn’t lit, so I know its just a message saying, “We’re still looking…” I’m out of cash, cigarettes, and snacks and I’m bored outta my mind. Hopefully the battery will soon be charged enough on my FauxPod so I might listen to the rest of my audiobook, Gust Front, by John Ringo. I had read the paperbacks, but I’m digging the audio version, I catch so much that I skipped over and the narrator is doing a great job.

I’m noticing I’m expecting this word processor to correct my spelling and suggest words like the T9 on my fucking cell phone does. It ain’t happening. Got to learn how to type all over again.

Later – The note on the Qualcomm did day, “We still looking.” Of course. But I’m next in this market to get a load when it comes up. There are two other specialized drivers here, one glass and one heavy haul, and they both have loads. There are also lots of regular “M” flatbedders with no load, even though there are a shitload of steel plants nearby. Things are slow all over.

Talking to the other drivers is usually boring and tedious but every once in a while I get talking with a real “character.” One guy was telling me how he worked undercover for NIS back in the seventies and would help bust Navy officers who were bringing heroin home from overseas. Whether true or not, it was a great story.

I managed to get the truck cleaned up, something I should do more often than just before I’m getting it serviced. Can’t have people thinking I’m a slob, though I really am… The electric cooler is back in service after a few months sealed up with Gawd knows what inside. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, cleanup was quick and now milk, sweet tea and cottage cheese are cooling off. I’d made a trip to the nearby WallyWorld but it wasn’t a Supercenter so I went the the Kroger next door and did some stocking up. A pack of cigarettes were obtained and I feel better now.

Heading for bed, hopefully that tomorrow I’ll be back on the road, getting my “paltry” cents per mile.

Check out my crusty windshield!

Check out my crusty windshield!

Check out my crusty windshield!,
originally uploaded by greeblie.

Waiting somewhere in Illinois to get a new load after the previous one was cancelled. I passed a Streakin Beacon about an hour back, should have gave the truck a bath. Can’t tell what color it is anymore.

Off To Work Tomorrow

Hopefully, I’ll be running my truck tomorrow. I’m definitely heading up to the truck in the AM and will be there for the next three weeks. I’m certainly wanting lots of truck loads but I’ll settle for a few.  Just get me moving and making some money.  I can’t do this for another week!

I’ve heard that Schneider, the company that taught me how to drive a truck and employed me for my first two years as a potential “Billy Big Rig,” has shut down it’s training operations and is only hiring experienced drivers now.  When I started in 2004, there was a big need for drivers, not so much now in 2009, especially the way the economy is.

Well, the Schneiders and all the other van pullers are already running, they deals with folks that are usually open 24/7 and very rarely shutdown for extended periods during the Holidays. The folks I pickup for DO shutdown their factories and even then are hit hard by the credit crunch. If people aren’t buying heavy equipment and machinery, I can’t haul it. My low-boy trailer isn’t really good for hauling anything else.

Well, I’m under-employed, but I’m still employed. Now if I can get myself running, I’ll be much better off.

Wish me luck!

Hanging It Out Again

I’m in Knoxville tonight, waiting for the sun to rise. My overdimensional permit are about a half-ton too light for the load I’m carrying. The big scalehouse nearby has been doing heavy business all day and I don’t much feel like getting a ticket. And being that today is Veterans Day, all the permit offices are closed. So I get to wait for new permits in the morning because I can’t burn off that much fuel, even if I idle all night.

The new trailer is working out so far and I haven’t done a lot of sitting around waiting for a load. With the new trailer I can take loads up to 11.5 feet tall. It’s a RGN trailer, that means Removeable Goose Neck, but its strictly manual, no hydraulics or air pressure involved in taking the neck part off the trailer part so it can be loaded. Its not a difficult procedure, just a little time consuming. Once detached, its very easy to load heavy equipment onto it. With the old stepdeck there were several times no ramp was available and much time was wasted with work arounds.

BTW: I finally figured out how to run my blog from the browser on my cell phone and so far its working out.

Off to bed now…

Doing the Old 34

Hanging out in NC, doing a 34 hour break so I might take off in the morning towards Jax. I’m digging the new NFL coverage I’m getting on my old XM radio. And the NFL coverage was the exact reason I want Sirius and XM to merge. I care not for Howard Stern and his toadies, nor do I give a flying crap what Martha Stewart is up to this week. XM gives me all the baseball and hockey games… actually I don’t like baseball or hockey!!1one!


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“The Load Gets TARPS!”

Resting after a long fight trying to tie down 27 bundles of 21′ iron pipe. When I was done I had a precarious stack FIVE levels deep separated by rotten twisted 4 x 4s. My flatbed is a stepdeck with no room on the lower deck for putting them end to end, hence the “towering” jenga puzzle strapped down whichever way I can. And then I had to tarp the 23 ton mess…

Like the man says: Tarp is a four-letter word! Even more warm and fuzzy was the knowledge that as I battled two lumber tarps into submission to cover this abortion, it had been sitting out in the muddy yard for eons and will must likely get unloaded and stacked out in another muddy yard when I untarp the unholy mess… I run across this all the time.

The MAN (the figurative one this time) sez, “The load gets TARPS! Don’t make a fucking maniac out of me!