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Industrial Window Wallpaper, FREE!

Adding some of my photos to the blog as downloadable wallpapers. Feel free to use them! First up, a study I did of an industrial window I shot in a Cleveland, Ohio steel plant. All resolutions (including iPhone) available below. Right click on the image and select “Save Link As…”, otherwise, you’ll get the “Lightbox” version. I haven’t figures out how to turn it off selectively… ;)


Industrial Window Wallpaper 1600 x 1200

Other sizes:

Industrial Window 1920 x 1080 (hd)

1920 x 1080 (hd)

1280 x 720 (hd)

1280 x 720 (hd)

1024 x 768

1024 x 768

480 x 320 (iPhone)

480 x 320 (iPhone)

320 x 240

320 x 240

Lost Weekend

Dropped one load, picked up another: A wheel loader going to the Dundalk terminal in Baltimore. For some reason I can’t deliver til Wednesday (don’t know why) so I got a long time to get where I’m going. I figure I’ll just stop here in CO and sit out Saturday, getting a 34 hour break in and getting cauight up on various things. Like cleaning out my truck!

Tomorrow, it will be breakfast at the buffet at the Flying J. It not the greatest place to eat but it’s cheap and the food is good enough. And then I’ll sit about, maybe work on the blog, twitter a bit and work on my thumb twiddling.  Oh and nap… I like to nap. Another Lost Weekend.

Driving out of Vegas in their automobile
she was in the backseat while he was at the wheel with the windows wide open.
All the money from the store they’d gambled away,
he said, “the best laid plans often .. go astray.”
She took the page of her book and turned it down,
she lit a cigarette, she didn’t make a sound.
“And I know if we’d had just one more chance,” he said.
“I know, we’d finally hit the big one at last,” she said.

(Chorus) instead of another lost weekend / lost weekend
another lost weekend / lost weekend

“Pull over soon,” she said, “it’s no big deal,
you can take any exit that you happen to feel is the right one. The right … one.”
As she slowly blew her smoke out of the rear wind vent,
she thought back on all the letters she’d sent for a contest to be on a quiz game show.
“Maybe I shoulda stayed in school,” he said.
“Yeah, I know. Start your own business cleaning swimming pools,” she said,

(chorus 2x)

She leaned forward over the front seat and twiddled with the radio dial,
she looked out the window, saw a sign and both of them began to smile…
“There’s a place we could stay at! It’s up another mile…”

Here’s a nice pic for you. I’ve had this Hibiscus plant in by backyard for two years now. It’s still flowering and stil very pretty:


200 miles after getting all 8 drive tires replaced, I experienced what felt like a grenade going off under my truck. After pulling over, removing the upholstery from my sphincter, and going to look, I discovered this:

Nice! After waiting 2 and a half hours it was replaced and I was sent on my way. Ended up hunting a small truckstop up in Lincoln, NE without further incident. And I’m bushed!