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Terry and Bandit, our "new baby."

Meet the Puppeh!

Oh, I almost forgot. Meet our new baby. Bandit, a 1-year-old Chihuahua “rescued” from the local Humane Society. While I was on the road, Terry sent me a picture (not this one) of a sweet little pup and asked if we wanted him. When I was finally able to call back, it was already a done deal, as I suspected it would be. He was leery of the “smelly trucker” when I got home but now we get along fine. He’s definitely a “Mama”s Dog” for sure. He’s not as socialized as we’d like him to be, and he’s not quick to learn new tricks or even play much, but he’s a lover and wants nothing more than to have his belly and chest rubbed. Don’t we all…

The reason we have a new baby in the house is a sad one. Our 12-year-old Rat Terrier, Teena, passed away suddenly and pretty much devastated both of us. It was unexpected and very quick and neither of us was looking to get a new dog soon. But Terry saw the new pup at PetSmart, where the Humane Society and other no-kill shelters parade the new critters looking for forever home. Obviously, it was love at first sight for both.