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Disappointed people came to this webite…

The following are just a few of the search terms people have used to end up on this website in the past week. I’m sure quite a few of them went away disappointed.

  • our very first sex tape – I’m still wating for full immersion 3d before I release mine… ugh…
  • paris hilton nude – Hasn’t everyone seen this already? Puhleeze!
  • james may’s dead cat – I’m not sure who James May is but I offer up my sympathy in this his time of grief.
  • westboro baptist church assholes – Actually, this is a valid one. I second that emotion!
  • flowers that open and close – ????

Cleaning Up Around Here

Doing website maintenance, mostly behind the scenes stuff. Upgraded the mobile theme, if any of you are checking me out with iPhones or just about any web capable phone. Also cleaning up a lot of the unused WP themes and old plugins I don’t use anymore.

According to the folks who host these pages, I was transferred to a better, faster server! WOO-HOO! I can see these pages, so I guess they work…

I’m, once again, down for the weekend with a load to pickup in NC that will run me all the way out to CA. While I’m here, I’ll post some of the pics I took last weekend, including some nice film shots from my Canon EOS 630. Gotta clean them up and get them firmly ensconced in Flickr first. Stay Tuned!

LATER: Oh yeah, heard one of Howard Stern minions get onto Fox News’ Live Desk, posing as someone who knew something about the Shootings that were going on in Binghampton, NY. After he did his trademark “BABABOOEY” and called the the clueless woman anchor a “retard,” she was still asking him questions til it was pointed out by the male anchors that that was a crank call.

Not a Stern fan, but I did laugh my ass off at the whole thing. Nothing like a little fun stupidity to liven up a broadcast about people being massacred…

testing BloGTK

I’m getting ready to switch from Windoze to Linux. Right now I’ve been playing with the Ubuntu distribution and so far I’m digging it. I won’t be able to drop MS completely, I can’t run my GPS map program in Linux and so for I’ve not found anything in Linux to do the job of Photoshop Elements, but I’m looking.

Right now I’m using BloGTK to write this blog entry offline. I tried Drivel, another offline editor and found it a bit wanting in features. BloGTK is not WYSIWYG, but it has a preview that seems to work.

I’ll keep at it with BloGTK till I find something better. Or I get seduced back to the Dark Side