New Digital Digs

Got a new laptop to replace the aging Toshiba I had before. I’m now dealing with Windows Vista on the new machine after years of using XP. It seems I have the horsepower to run Vista reliably and so far its been good. I think I’ll take the old one and slap Ubuntu Linux on it, just for grins.

My 15 year old grandson wants my old one, he styles himself a computer geek and wannabe hacker. He was openly disappointed that the almost 4 year old laptop was a single core processor with an paltry 80 gb hard drive. Oh, well… I guess he really doesn’t need it.  I remember my first PC, a 10 Mhz 80286 with the two 30 mb hard drives, each big enough to kill a gazelle with. With my lovely sixteen-color EGA display and a dot-matrix printer that used to rock the little table something fierce.

I have not an ounce of pity… ;)