Day 2 of NC to CA and Flickr Faves

I’d like to have taken lots of pictures as I was hauling ass from TN to my place for the night in OK, but the scenery was just too boring and I was more interested in getting as many miles as I could in before sunset.

The only comment I have on today’s driving is an observation on the way the interstate exits are screwed up around Memphis. I was travelling westbound on I-40 heading from the AR border when I came to the place where I-240 splits from I-40 and heads south. If you want to stay on I40 west, you have to get into the second lane from the far left and then curve north (right) to go under 240, which heads south!  Seems to me if you were heading west and wanted to go north, you’d bear to the right. Go south and you’d bear to the left! Nope. Not in Memphis.

This weird behavior is repeated when I240 joins back up with I40 close to the border, bear left to go right. Thats as about as smart as those right turns New Jersey makes you do in order to make a left. Aye, aye, aye…

Like I said, no pictures taken but let me share a few of my faves from from other photographers on Flickr. First, from Emery_Way, is this pup joyously happy or or trying to fly?


This one looks very happy to pose for Valentines Day…

Here’s the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen on a dog… From Tobyotter

And from Nelson Cruz, the biggest tongue!!

You can tell I like dogs, huh? If you like these pics, click on them, go to the photographers flickr page and tell them! I’m sure they’d appreciate it.