Hanging At The Hook

Get used to long lapses in this (blog) narrative, shit happens and sometimes I get bored with typing in this thing. I’ve finally decided not to feel guilty about it and just type whenever the fuck I feel like it. If nothing else, maybe my typing will improve a bit, but I don’t think I’ll ever get over looking at my fingers instead of the screen… oh, well.

I guess the threat my ancient typing teacher issued to me never stuck. She offered to let me sit on her lap while I typed if it would relax me and make me feel better. She was frail and at least seventy. I never got to sit on her lap but it did take me three tries to pass the most basic typing class that everyone needed to get a degree at Lockyear College. Maybe deep down I was trying to get up on that, undoubtedly, wrinkled lap after all. Or maybe I’ve just always sucked at typing…

Today, I’m hanging out at the Flying J in beautiful Columbia, SC. I’ve been here since yesterday afternoon and I’m about 100 miles from my delivery appointment in Charleston at 1100. I’m hauling an armored military truck that has to be there in a hurry, but not much of a hurry because they weren’t too damn interested in getting me a better appointment time. The guy I loaded from expressed mild shock that they weren’t unloading on the weekends, being that these loads were supposedly critical. “Oh, hell no,” was the reply from whoever was of the phone when I asked if they had weekend appointments.

I’m also taking the time to update/upgrade/maintain the laptop to the latest and greatest, while I’ve got a decent connection. Hunkered down in one of those booths next to the gameroom and irritating noises and repetitive tunes issue forth at irregular times.

Later – Another driver sitting nearby, also with a laptop, has taken the initiative and killed the noisiest of the game machines, he just turned it off! Why didn’t I think of that?

I’ve read all my RSS feeds, Twitter is boring me, and I’ve got nothing else going on. I can’t watch DVDs because my laptop’s CD/DVD drive is dead, dead, deadski. If I can spare a few bucks this week, I really need to buy a replacement. On Ebay, they’re going for around $20-$25 plus shipping.

I give up. Maybe a nap is in order…