Rejoice, rejoice!

Yeah, the laptop is back in operation! Looks like the power supply brick crapped out on me (it was a replacement for the original which also crapped out) and I ordered one from Ebay. There were some third party one available in the stores but they cost 10 time more than what I paid. It came in a few days ago while I was in Florida and I just did a interstate drive-by and got it (and hugs and kisses) from The Wife as I was passing through my hometown. Now I can blog! Now I can use my GPS and mapping program! Yay!

Right now I’m blogging offline using OpenOffice and I’ll upload when I get some Wifi again, whenever that will be. I’m down for the night in Carlisle, IN, waiting for one-half hour prior to sunrise so that I might pull this oversize load through the outskirts of Chicago (got to be out of IL before 1200) and up into Wisconsin. No load scheduled after that (surprise, surprise) but I’ll be able to get a 34 hour break, preferably some place with Internet so that I might waste much time browsing and Twittering.

Rejoice, rejoice! The laptop is back!