Tired Of Being Cold

Got assigned a load around noon to pickup a load in Illinois. the drive from Ohio took a while as the weather was not helpful. When I finally got there, about a half-hour before closing, I was told the load could not be released because whoever paid for it was still a few dollars short. Of course by this time, the dispatch people had left for the night and the place I’m taking it to is just a port, so no help there. In the morning, we’ll track down who needs to pay for it and then I can run it to Florida.

Can’t wait to get south for a while and get out of this cold and snow shit. But consider that many times in FL I’ve had to wait a while for a load out, but I’m used to that. Might not be so bad, lots of auction yards down there that I’ve grabbed loads from. We’ll see.

On the Linux front, I’ve just spent the last few hours playing around with video editing in Ubuntu. Once I finally figured out how to setup the Firewire so that I might capture DV from my camcorder, it was just a matter of figuring out the strange editing software that came with it. Good enough for a little YouTube video, but not much else. If I can clean up the little vid of my kitty, Chester, spacing out with catnip, I’ll upload it.

3 thoughts on “Tired Of Being Cold

  1. Thanks all for the comments, The video editing software is called Kino. It captures well from my Sony Digital 8 camcorder via Firewire and you can edit with it once you figure it out. If you’re used to Pinnacle Studio or Premiere, this software is NOT very similar although it does have some nice features for a free program. There are other editing packages in the Ubuntu repository, but they frankly suck. If someone made a cheap, yet decent video editing package for Linux, I’d buy it…

    As for Photoshop, lots of hard effort had been put into getting many different version of PS to run on Linux via the WINE windows emulator. Check it out at winehq.org. There you can lookup almost any application and see what success (or failure) other folks have had. The editor in PS Element 5 works for the most part, the organizer? Meh…

  2. What software are you using? I’m always jacking around with Ubuntu, and would like to get a read on the better stuff. I’m not terribly happy with most of the video software that ships and trying out different things eats up way too much time.

  3. Having formerly lived in the Ohio area (Toledo), I can totally understand the “Cold” factor. Colorado is no picnic either though. Wind gusts here recently have measured at 70mph!

    I’ve been catching up on your blog since seeing your comment the other day (thanks for that by the way), and must say I am very impressed with your Linux experiment. If I had my druthers, I’d be running PS on some distro – either Ubuntu or Fedora Core. Keep with these posts – very good reading!

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