Freezing Rain

Woke of this morning to the sound of frozen rain tapping on the fiberglass roof of my truck. Has to crank up the truck and defrost my windows before I could take off.  Then it was 15-20 mph up I-75 until I ran into better weather about 50 miles up the road.  No big deal really, I’ve driven in worse.

The folks I delivered to in Ohio were very nice, I was able to bring the entire truck into their shop to untarp and unchain. I managed to drop a dozen or so gallons of snow melt on their nice concrete floor but they were not too worried about it. I did all the untarping but they left me use their shop floor to roll them heavy tarps back up before I left. This is unusual but it was much appreciated.

Now I’m hanging out waiting for my next load, as usual. Hopefully something will come up tomorrow. It usually does…

In other news, my conversion to a Linux-head (is that what they are called?) is progressing smoothly.  For the past three hours I’ve been working on getting Photoshop Elements 5 to work in Ubuntu Linux with the WINE windows emulator.  Got lots  good info from the web and for the most part, it’s working.  Now I’m taking the bold step of upgrading Elements to the 5.0.2 version and that seems to be working as well.  More testing to come, but so far, so good.

Now of I can get my GPS mapping program to install, I’ll be extremely happy and my one day rid myself of the clunky, hanging, crappy Windoze forever!