Time to Change

I read a lot of blogs, most likely a microscopic fraction of what’s out there, but a good representative slice of the spectrum. There are a lot of news blogs, who pretty much point out stories and maybe a comment or two. Then there are the blogrollers, this folks who tell you what all the other blogs are blogging about. A lot of the big blogs, like Instapundit or Dailypundit, are good examples of those two functions.

Davelog is great example of a blog that picks out the silly, the funny and the down right weird that the web has to offer. And we all have seen the war blogs, tracking all the hate and discontent generated on both sides after 9/11.

And the there are the personal blogs, Lilek’s Bleat being the big daddy of that genre (at least in my book), but Beers Across America is a favorite of mine, too. Also high on my list is Blogatelle, she’s got a great mind (and a nice rack, oops, did I say that out loud?) and it’s always enjoyable to read her thoughts. I’d love to have her “do” my website like she’s done so many others, but alas… sucks to be me…

Anyway, I’m gonna change the direction of this blog, I think.

“But Dave?” you say, “What real direction did this blog ever have, anyways?”

Well, none, I guess. I think that was the point! I have times when I’m just blogrolling, then I try to get onto some news stories that haven’t already been done to death by every other “piss-ant prairie pundit” with a blog. You know? I just don’t have time to keep up with all the blogs and certainly don’t have the time, or the inclination, to track news stories about the crappy world we live in. The news these days really drains the spirit, you know. I’ll let the others out there look for me.

“All right Dave,” you sez “so what in the nine infernal levels of hell will you write about?”

Me, of course! That is really the only subject I know so much about. The original point of me having a journal was to improve my writing skills, so that’s what I need to concentrate on. My life isn’t that glamorous or exciting but at least there’s a lot of it. The reason I wanted to better my skills is because I want to be a writer. I’m so tired of computers, service work, deadlines and paperwork. Writing makes me feel good, passes the time in a productive way, instead of worrying about the sad state of the world or watching the mind-dulling stupidity of the idiot box.

My life is probably not going to be all that interesting to the majority of readers out there. So be it. I’m writing for myself here, but I’m not so shy that it bothers me that other people are gonna read it.

But I gotta be me (stop me before I break into song…)!